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7 trusted ajax file upload plugins using jquery

File Upload form elements are there since quite few years and these elements can cause headache to most of the frontend web developers as it is very difficult to reskin them and they posses only the basic functionality of file selection. However now with the advent in technology Ajax based File Up loader Plug-ins are rendering the frontend web developers with file type restriction, instant feedback, drag & drop functionality of HTML 5 and few other amazing features that will ease the task of web developers.

The Seven Ajax File Upload Plug-ins for jQuery Upload possess the basic features such as Drag and Drop, Multiple File Uploads, Custom jQuery Upload Restrictions, Real Time indicators for tracking the progress.

1. AJAX File Upload

With this plugins you can upload a maximum of five files in one go and this plug-in makes use of the hidden iframe for uploading the form data nevertheless the complete process of uploading is transparent and makes use of the Ajax Upload Library.


2. AJAX Upload

This jQuery Upload Plug-in employs the XHR for uploading multiple files and as well shows the progress bar on the web browsers Google Chrome, FF3.6, Safari. Apart from these web browsers in other web browsers this plug-in will fall back to a hidden iframe, hence render excellent user experience on any web browser.


3. AJAX file Upload

This plug-in is generally considered be the hacked version of the Ajax Upload Plug-in that was developed by yvind Saltvik.The main concept behind the Ajax Upload plug-in is to create an iframe and after that submit the required form for processing it further. The only variation between the original Ajax Upload Plug-in and the hacked version i.e. the Ajax File upload plug-in is that the original one used to submit the complete form whereas this plug-in will submit only a specific input element.


4. AJAX file Upload

The jqUploader jQuery Upload Plug-in replace the input fields of the html file with an upload widget that is a flash based file which display both the percentage and the progress bar for indications on the file upload process.


5. AJAX file Upload

This plug-in will allow you to upload multiple file at the same time and showing you the progress of upload of each file.


6. AJAX file Upload

Uploadify plug-in jQuery upload is created for meeting the requirements of all the enhanced web developers through the cache of various customizable options. The uploadify plug-in for jQuery upload can be used with diverse implementations as per the needs.


7. AJAX file Upload

With this plug-in one can get an insight on the demo of the various form plug-ins to get a glance on the various file upload capabilities. This plug-in does not require any special codes for handling the file uploads as the input elements in the file will be identified automatically and processed.


That’s all!

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