20 + tags introduced in HTML5 you really should know

HTML 5 reduces development costs by making precise rules on how to handle all HTML elements, and how to recover from errors. It aims to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based rich internet application (RIA) technologies such as Flash, Silverlight, Pivot, and Sun JavaFX.

1. Article


Defines an article block.


2. Aside


Defines sidebar from the page content.


3. Audio


Defines sound content.


4. Canvas


Define graphics.


5. Command


Defines a command.


6. Datagrid


Defines data in a tree-list.


7. Datalist


Defines an autocomplete dropdown list.


8. Details


Defines details of an element.


9. Dialog


Defines a dialog or conversation.


10. Eventsource


Defines a target for events sent by a server.


11. Figure


Defines a group of media content, and their caption.


12. Footer


Defines a footer for a section or page.


13. Header


Defines a header for a section or page.


14. Mark


Defines marked text.


15. Meter


Defines measurement within a predefined range.


16. Nav


Defines navigation links.


17. Output


Defines some types of output.


18. Progress


Defines progress of a task of any kind.


19. Section


Defines a section.


20. Source


Defines media resources.


21. Time


Defines a date/time.


22. Video


Defines a video.


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