Drawing Interior Design Inspiration From Your Ipad

From where do you draw your inspiration every time that you redecorate your home? Are you clipping out pictures from magazines? Maybe you’re dog earring pages in books that you’ve bought from Amazon?

If you’ve got an internet connection, or even better an Iphone or Ipad you there’s a better way. There’s a free application for you to download, with more than a quarter million inspirational pictures. And more pictures are being added every day.

Your New Best Interior Design Friend

The application is called Houzz and it’s your new best friend if you’re looking for the hottest trends or how to put together that classic interior design look.

Pictures are uploaded every day by architects, interior designers, and builders so that they can show off their work. They’re quest for exposure has created a database of endless possibilities for homeowners.

Organizing Your Design Ideas

If you find a room that you want to emulate in your own home you can add it to your idea book. You’ll need an account to save pictures to an idea book but it’s free and well worth the hassle of creating a user name and password.

You can create multiple idea books to further organize your thoughts into rooms or blocks of related ideas. For further inspiration you can add a few pictures to your favorites and Houzz will be able to offer you other ideas that you may like just by clicking the recommendations tab.

The App Is Easy To Navigate

Design ideas are logically broken down into dozens of useful categories and sub-categories. Take for example the laundry room category. It’s further broken down into seven subcategories so that you can easily get to the information that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to hire a designer for you laundry room you can enter the laundry room category and then enter the sub-category for your metropolitan area from Albuquerque to Wilmington, including foreign inspiration from places like Tel Aviv and Sydney.

How To Contact The Designers

If you find a room that you love in your local area, click the info button to get all of their contact information including website and phone number. It’s a great way to find local designers.

Many designers will also add tags to their pictures as well. They have the ability to tag anything and everything. See a couch that you love or a chandelier that you just have to have. Click the tags button and see if the item has been tagged. If it has, it usually includes where it can be bought and how much it can be bought for.

For more helpful ideas on remodeling or redecorating your home you can visit the authors site. Lucas Jenkins has created many pages to assist you in all types of large or small renovations around your house. Whether you’re looking to hire a custom deck contractor, find a classic 5 pc bathroom rug set, or one of hundreds of other problems you might run into while remodeling, he’s here to help.

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