5 Reasons Your E-Commerce Website Needs Magento

Numerous reasons hold good for running your e-Commerce website on Magento and the prime reason being the success of your e-Commerce site. If you are someone who is looking for owning a triumphant shopping cart website that stands majestically on a long run, then nothing other than Magento can be your best choice. It can be claimed as the world’s fastest booming shopping cart platform that is affordable with high quality and user-friendly features. No matter whether you are the owner of a small brick and mortar store or a mighty multi-national corporation, the best business stand for your online trading can only be Magento for its quick reputation and enormous growth benefits. Why should you use Magento platform for running your e-Commerce websites?

Easy to integrate and customize:

Magento enables easy integration of numerous third-party sites essential to run an effectual e-Commerce website. Few important third-party websites are PayPal, UPS, Authorize.net, FedEx, Google, MySQL etc., Magento also offers you an extensive range of modules that permits you to bring in any new functionality to your website like social networking sites, accounts systems, email marketing options and you can also integrate latest modules with your existing website to keep it up-to-date. Customization also becomes easier and much simpler with Magento as it allows you to customize the existing templates as per your business needs and requirements.

Multiple store functionality and live currency update:

There are no limitations for you and you can run any number of online stores with a single admin panel that contains all the information about all your online stores in the same backend interface. Multiple store functionality is the most highlighting feature as not many other e-Commerce platforms offer this facility. Magento also allows multiple currencies to ease the users and with its integration with WebServiceX allows it to offer live currency update.

Open source platform with inbuilt features:

Magento is an open source platform with several features and focused tools at an affordable cost covering all types of business entities. Magento readily comes with numerous inbuilt features like search engine optimization, live currency update, wishlist and inviting user reviews facility, online marketing tools and many more.

Suits all types of business needs:

Magento’s e-Commerce platform has become much stronger with the addition of Magento’s mobile platform, Magento’s enterprise platform, Magento’s community platform and Magento’s professional platform. Many medium and large-sized entities choose the Enterprise and Professional versions of Magento CMS for their power-packed e-Commerce websites.

Innovative CMS with comparatively cheaper marketing costs and all-inclusive administrative options:

No one can deny the fact that Magento is the most innovative CMS that encourages innovation by allowing the store owners to customize the standard templates and modules as per their needs and business preferences. New features are added then and there by the Magento designers and quicker bug fixing is also facilitated on the other end. Magento has now become as one of the most used e-Commerce platform for plentiful reasons including free or cheaper marketing costs, complete administrative power with which you can control all your website content, products, templates and every single aspect of your shopping cart website. You are given the liberty to add, edit, remove or make any kind of updates to your website.
By this time you would’ve better understood the reasons for running your e-Commerce website on Magento.

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