Proceeding towards a Future Friendly Web with Redefined Web Solutions

The current online world is a plethora of desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, laptops, feature phones and smartphones and more. The rapid technological advancement is accelerating and so have our modus operands, infrastructures and standards. This is an era of ubiquitous connectivity and thereby creating tremendous opportunities to connect people worldwide.

However, no matter how much we predict the future, we still do not know what this landscape will be even just two years down the line. It is therefore quite foolish to state that we can generate future-proof web solutions. Nevertheless, since there are no certain prescriptive solutions to solve this increasing and evolving diversity. We as the web creators can therefore, implement elements to be better prepared for the future. Embracing the unpredictability, and to become more future friendly, we need to abandon the supposed facts that things will normalize. The era of this perpetual variety and consistent change makes us rethink about the assumed facts and create new contexts that would interact with both the products and their user. As the web application creators, we need to embrace solutions that respect the end-users time and fashion worthwhile experiences that are not tuned out.

Focal point: Where is it working?

CEO of Ford and Chrysler, Lee Iacocca said, “Where is it working?” when deciding which automotive features should be scraped or stuck with. In offering Web Application Development Services, we need to underline the content and the functionality to enhance the user experience and make sense.

Scrapping the clutter and providing applications with relevant content is meaningful to both the user and the business. It is important to shed the dead weight and focus on a user perspective offering the web solutions that gives the users the product, even before they know what it does. (Marcos Lara) Agility and focusing on the end-user experience would help us in developing a core featured web application that the target audience desires.

Fluidic Content

Content should be like water, like the fluid, it should take the shape of the container. It is important to realize that content needs to target worldwide. The content infrastructure is an investment in the future. The portability of the content would mean that it is able to successfully thrive in all mediums and even on those that do not exist. (Daniel Jacobson) This sense of flourishing would give the content a better chance to be viable in the future.

Structured, Progressive Developmental Process

As the device landscape keeps changing, it is important to create properly structured content that is portable in all future platforms. (Stephen Hay) The web developers should deal with the inconsistencies of these myriad platforms. Only the responsive web design that accommodates the multiple platforms and which maintains control over the presentation and layout would be fluid in nature. However, being responsive is not the panacea for the diverse challenges that we face. It is imperative to exploit opportunities, address context that is unambiguous, and triumph over all limitations.

Understanding the User

Interaction with our creation is what dramatically influences the audience’s intent. To be cognizant of the user’s context and provide an opportunity that enhances and prioritizes is what the ultimate objective of developing applications should be.

The future can emerge with anything and it is important to tap in the features as we grow. Encompassing ideas, web standards, progressive enhancement, content strategy and responsive designs etc would present us a probability of thinking beyond the project and into the future of change and innovation. The road ahead is unpredictable, but it is important to pool resources with the innumerable diversity and redefine the web as we proceed.

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