Protect your Privacy with Web Proxies

With spammers, hackers and nosy companies all over the Internet, Web proxy protection is necessary. Although there is a lot of technology at work, they function the same way. A server will get the contents you asked for. The page will be displayed on your web browser. All you have to do is type the URL. Because you are accessing the website indirectly, your privacy is assured.

Other Benefits

These are more popular than public proxies because they are usually reliable. The main reason is these services are supported by advertisers. People are enticed to use them because there is standard encryption. If a server is encrypted, it works just like a VPN. When using this service, even your Internet service provider cannot see what sites you are visiting. However, your activities are visible to the proxy. The way around this is end to end communication encryption.


Chaining is another reason why these services are popular. It doesn’t matter how many proxies are being used; you can put in another proxy as long as the site is accessible. Chaining more than two can be hard, but it is possible. If there is encryption, the following proxies won’t have any idea of the URL or what the contents are. Neither will it know who is sending requests.

For many, this is the ultimate Web proxy protection. It is possible to get a server on a browser tab, with the other tabs using your regular Internet access. Proxies also help people get around firewalls.


Aside from offering privacy, these services can speed up Web access. This is possible because many of these services use caches. Bandwidth use is reduced in the process. Once you learn what these proxies are, it is safe to presume that contents will be delivered faster.

While privacy is assured, the speed gain is true if the following is true. Number one, the server is operating in good condition and functioning properly. The second is that it is a static page. This means it doesn’t often change. If the page contents change quickly, the cache you are viewing may be outdated.

What is a Proxy Anyway?

Basically, it is a software or system that filters and links traffic to the site requested by a user. Most of the time, these services are used by people to keep information private. It is also used to prevent access to personal and private data. You can think of the server as something that intercepts your request to visit a website. It keeps you hidden.

While it works in terms of providing privacy, their main purpose is to improve traffic on networks. Pages are cached and this makes everything load quicker. However, people eventually came to realize that these applications could also be used to protect privacy.

Other Information

There are a lot of these services around, so you can pick and choose. But you need to be patient. Sometimes these services may not work or be busy. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of these servers. If one doesn’t work, you can try the others on your list. The quality varies, so you have to try out a few to find the right one.

While Web proxy protection is pretty good, these proxies are limited to the http protocol; it does not work with email clients and instant message systems. It will work if these services are web-based.

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