5 Ideas for Making Innovative and Unique Logo Designs

Any company, firm, website or blog would eventually need to be branded. You can start by trying a few signs on a piece of paper, but you can also try the online engines that will generate a logo based on your idea. You might think of different styles, from glossy to retro and grunge, and also of other types of designs. However, if you are really looking for something special, you will have to think about other ideas and styles.

Why would you need a logo?

brand awareness

The main purpose of a logo is to sell, whether it is used in publicity, for a website, or even for finding a job. for example, if we consider the chances of an individual to obtain a job, we might say that those are a few today for the majority of population, because of the financial recession. this is why, besides a resume, a portfolio and a recommendation, you might add a logo to distinguish your name amongst other candidates.

Make sure your name is visible. it must be observed completely, whether we are talking about the full name, or only about the initials. The person that wants to contact you must observe the name just by looking at the logo. If you are able to associate your name with the abilities and products you offer, such as Your Name –Enthusiastic Designer, your chances will be increased even more. The same principle applies for companies also, as a great image of a company can’t be made without a logo.

How to increase the efficiency of a logo

Besides a logo, you can also think about adding an image that emphasizes with your work. Any element that is connected with your work or with your area of activity might be good, but you will also need to modify it, to express professionalism and trust. If you renounce the respective element, than you can think about unique graphic shapes. In any case, the logo must be unique. A simple logo will always be more popular than a complicated one, but sometimes, a simple and inspired logo is so hard to create. The logo must be clear, and you don’t need to lose yourself in details, color and special characters. You can think about a flower, meaning that you are an artist, or you can think about squares that will emphasize your skills as a web designer.

A symbol must not necessarily represent a product. For example, you can use fruits for an IT company, or a cup for a restaurant.

Once you have the logo designed, you will also have to place it smartly. You must add it on the blog, on the resume, on each photography from the portfolio, but also on your presentation pages on social networks.

Maybe the way you present the logo and how you use it is more important than the way you make it. Anyway, a logo is mandatory if you want to create a totally professional image for you or for a company.


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