Magento One Page Checkout

With the growth and development of ecommerce, more and more companies are realizing the benefits of empowering people to shop from the convenience of their homes. Imagine being able to get almost everything you need with just a few clicks of the mouse button! Into this highly competitive space comes an ecommerce platform called Magento that has rather quickly become the solution of choice in the developer community. It stands out for the following aspects:

  • Being a comprehensive product with features for every size of business
  • A high degree of customization that allows businesses to create a perfectly built website
  • Open source technology that allows even small businesses enjoy benefits
  • A vast array of features that supports operations and requirements like search engine optimization, different modes of payment, generation and management of different kinds of information and easy product browsing
  • Being extremely competitively priced so all kinds of companies and businesses can afford it.

All these features and more have gone into making the Magento shopping cart the preferred choice and a reliable product for global ecommerce businesses. On the technological and business fronts, it provides key differentiators to all businesses and clients that “sign up” for it.

On the technical side too, there are plenty of benefits of using Magento solutions. From the very unique selling proposition of enabling the customer to convert currency in live status to the support for multiple payment and shipping addresses, Magento has a lot to offer for the business or ecommerce community. For developers, Magento holds the hugely attractive feature of very distinct code structure. It also allows a website administrator to operate and manage multiple sites or stores online. Considering that results of internet searches are critical to business, Magento also allows a robust search engine optimization facility that can make the difference in increasing footfall and revenues for an ecommerce store.

One of the components of the success of Magento is the GoMage Light Checkout. This solution enables easier navigation and management of the checkout page in many ways like:

  • Enabling discount coupons
  • Changing the quantity of products and
  • Removing products altogether.
  • Changing the checkout description and title too

GoMage also allows default settings for payment and shipping. It also allows the website manager to make changes to the checkout view. It also allows for a huge degree of customization that allows the client to build exactly the kind of website he has envisaged.

This level of specificity is exactly what developers thrive on and therefore this has propelled Magento as the leader in this space. A client can enter into an intensive and productive dialogue with the developers of Magento to get the look and feel of a website that works, not just from the business angle but also from the aesthetics point of view. This way, the user gets a richly interactive and informative experience and also manages to contribute to the revenues of the ecommerce company. In an increasingly competitive business world, such capabilities will go a long way in helping any company enhance its business and markets. This capability is reflected most pertinently in the support for multi shopping and multiple stores that is delivered by the Magento One Page Checkout.

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