5 Best WordPress Tutorial Blogs for Beginners

At its heart, WordPress is a content management system that offers high-end features and easy usability; however there is a lot more to this CMS. If you wish to move ahead of the regular WP themes and mundane plugins and templates, then you must meet the advanced functionality needs posed by WordPress. This means, you must be equipped with all the tactics required to enhance the uber-smooth usability of WordPress CMS.

If you are a developer, looking for assistance to stroll through the various paths and passages of WordPress or PHP web development, then you are not alone. Thanks to the ever-growing acclaim of WordPress, its wide fan-base has opened up an abundance of tutorial blogs. These blogs consists of tips, tricks, tactics, help videos and all that you might need in order to have a better view of this complex CMS. Depending on your level of experience and the skill set you possess, there are several tutorial blogs that can aid you in tackling WordPress CMS better. Here is a list of top 5 tutorials that are supposedly the best to help you begin with your WordPress venture.

Smashing Magazine’s WordPress Section

The Smashing Magazine is an online design community that is renowned for its in-depth and detailed articles. The WordPress section of this magazine is meant for developers who are looking to take their WP development skills to the next level. So, if you are planning to move into a more advanced area from the just-beginner’s region, this tutorial will prove quite helpful for you. You can also find interesting “advanced” level WP projects that you can implement on your website.

WPMU.org- WordPress Tutorials and News

WPMU.org is primarily a WordPress news website; however you will find enough of noteworthy tips and tutorial type content on the website. The site allows you to stay up to date with all news related to new themes, features and trends available in WordPress.

WP Beginner- Beginner’s Guide to WordPress

Managed by WP expert Syed Balkhi, WP Beginner is a worthy pool of information for those who have just made their way into the WordPress zone. The quality of posts is distinguished and the elegant aesthetics of the website allow the beginners to absorb the given information comfortably. This tutorial is highly recommended and a must-read for all WP beginners.

Lorelle VanFossen’s Blog on WordPress

Lorelle VanFossen is a WordPress expert who blogs about WP out of passion. You can easily witness her passion for the CMS in her blog. The tutorial/blog is a nice hybrid of just blogging and some development tips and tricks. If you want to stay updated about WordPress without going deeper into the technicalities, then this blog is just the right choice for you.


As the name suggests, this tutorial blog has all the requisite recipes or tips for WordPress developers. The blog is updated on a regular basis and bestows the developers with complete advice on how to explore and hack the current WP theme to its full potential.

There are hundreds of WP tutorial blogs available on the World Wide Web. You can choose the one that suits your expertise level and php web development taste the most.


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