5 Ways to Increase Sales with a Facebook Online Store

Anything, if made Facebook is really gonna work out. Facebook, being a massive social network has wholly grabbed our works and times for the past few years. It has been estimated that by the end of this year, the network is about to witness a billion users. So, what has made Facebook so powerful among individuals worldwide? Well, it must be the features enfolded like, pages, profiles, fans, photos, shares, ads, likes and so many. Now, there is another main addition to this list and it is the Facebook store!

With the launch of Facebook stores, FB has greatly convinced eCommerce business owners, who were once bothering about Facebook to have not done anything in favor to them. It was on the dreams of several online stores to rely on a social shopping system that completely implements social shopping. Knowing the importance of Facebook in today’s world, implementing an online store via Facebook is definitely a great option to increase sales. Facebook store is the hottest talk among eCommerce’ers and people are finding Facebook an effective way to purchase online. More than 50% of Facebook users are online 24X7 and hence they find purchasing a product by Facebook store is ultimately easy for them. You can straight away look at the price and details and purchase the product anytime.

Whether your’s is a small business, organization, brand, retail shop, non-profit service, bands, so and so, a Facebook store can match your requirements. Once you’ve set up your online store on Facebook, next you got to look over the ways to increase sales using the store. Below listed are five significant ways to increase sales with a Facebook online store.

Special offerings and discount

You can offer discounts and offers to let your visitors easily strike off on your product. Remember this is Facebook, where getting popular is more and more important.

Let your visitors to like your product

This technique is something called like-gate, where your visitors will be able to view your product only after they click on the ‘like’ button. Any user who is interested on your product will certainly ‘like’ it first, and it doesn’t take much time to do so.

Promote your site and ask your customer feedbacks

One best thing with Facebook is, you can ask reviews over to your customers, which would be helpful in promoting your site and store over to worldwide Facebook users.

Share Reviews

It is not just enough to ask your customers to share their reviews, it is also important that you go to share those reviews on your wall and with your friends. Promote your site by sharing those reviews all on the Facebook.

Allow your fans to browse your items directly in Facebook

And finally, do remember Facebook has all to do with fans. So, never let your fans give up just because your Facebook store is straightly taking on to your online store. Give them the option to browse your items directly via Facebook.

A FB store allows individuals to create, trend, promote, market and sell products and services right from being at the Facebook ecosystem. Building a Facebook version of your store just takes minutes and seconds.


Author Bio
This article was written by Krish Kash, he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in facebook online store, magento mobile Commerce and chart web part in SharePoint2010.

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