Top Financial Apps to Raise Funds for Your Business

Smart Phones are not just used for fun and entertainment they are also used to get investments for various businesses. If you have a creative and innovative idea and are looking for the financial support to implement the ideas then you can use your smart phones to raise the funds as there are a number of fundraising apps available. Fundraising apps actually help people to find the funds to start the projects. Here are some of the fundraising apps based on their reputation.


Finding the adequate funds for creative ideas is not an easy task, this app lets you to the find the funds for your ideas easily. This app came into operation in the year of 2009 and was created by the Lance Ivy. Some of the features of this app are;

This app works on the principle of a large group of individuals contributing for a mission and can be an enormous source of money.

This app brings to one place all the users who looking for the financial support and the people who are ready to support their mission.

Today it is the leading fundraising app, which helps and supports prosperous fundraising.

One of the objectives is to encourage the innovative and creative minds. It is a really unique service provider when compared to other apps.

New visitors have to sign up by entering the name, email, address and password. People can use even the Facebook details for signing up.

New users have to pledge for the money to support their idea and post their ideas asking for funds.

Charity Miles

This app connects sponsors, contributors and corporate supporters at the one place. People who wish to use this app can simply download it from the internet. You can collect the funds by walking, running, and biking for a genuine cause. These activities show your commitment. To get a quick response it requires a large mass of people to participate. So ask your family members, friends and colleagues to participate in the event.


If you have a target to raise the funds and you don’t find time then this app makes your target easy. Through this app you can directly connect to the sponsors from your phone. You can also get the instant signals from the sponsors and can also check who sponsored. Update your information in the Justgiving, so that your donors see the latest updates. Add the photos to your account of Justgiving. Share all the updates into Facebook and Twitter.


This really is a great app and you can create an account for free. The user can build their own account pages with their information and can also add videos and images. A user who is looking for financial help has to brief their project on their page. Users can also sign up with their Facebook details.

Some of the other fundraising apps are chipIn, Firstgiving, RocketHub, Grow VC etc. Almost all of the fundraising apps are to be purchased. If you really have a unique and creative idea and are looking for the financial support to make it happen then you can take payday loans to cover some of your costs.


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