Top 7 CSS3 Games ruling the World of Web Games

If you are into the World of Web Development then you might be aware of the great innovations that are happening in the gaming industry. If you are among those people who have the enthusiasm to create their own web games in that case you might be aware of the novel technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Webgl, Node.js, Canvas and lots more. Nevertheless before you begin working on the latest technologies you should be aware of the top notch CSS3 Games that are ruling the web world. Here is a collection of the top most CSS3 games that work amazingly:

1. CSS3 Panic Game:


This is a really very impressive and simple game that has been coded using HTML and CSS3 without making use of any JavaScript. This game just resembles like a flash game and is simply interesting with near about 6000 lines of CSS3 code of which only the first 500 lines of have the actual CSS3 encoding and the rest of the code has images that are encoded in text format.

2. CSS Maze Puzzle Game:


This is one more break from the normal games and is simply meant for the fun of it. You need to begin from the left and traverse the maze so as to reach the visible square that is at the bottom right corner. This game provides you with all the available moves that you can make from the square you are occupied into. However one can traverse only in one direction amongst all the available direction something similar to when you carry lantern for lightening up the path.

3. Ninja Jarimaru:


If you are looking for playing arcade style adventure CSS3 games then this is a game that is similar to Mario Brothers wherein the player will play the role of Fred Jones who is looking for his way to the adventure land by protecting himself from the monsters, evil creatures along with collecting coins, treasures. So if you have the guts to defeat the monsters then this game is a must play for you.

4. Cow Click Shooting Game:


This game is for people who love shooting as it is a game where you can try your hands at shooting and make fun and enjoyment at the same time. The storyline behind this game is that there are alien kidnappers who have travelled long so as to steal you cows and your duty is to shoot these kidnappers and save you cows. It’s just so simple, easy and entertaining.

5. Cops and Robbers CSS Puzzle :


This game is based on the concept of a tilt maze that can move in all directions whether it is east, west, and south to north. The goal is to capture the prisoner who has escaped from the maze by moving in the selected direction until you reach the last square. This game is amongst the most complex CSS3 maze games and one can complete it exactly in twenty one moves without using any cheat codes.

6. CSS3 of the Dead :


This is game that was inspired from the CSS3 shooting game and it works well with Google Chrome and Safari. If you actually are interested in knowing the power of CSS3 then this is the game you should play as it is a purely CSS3 game without the use of JavaScript.

7. Noughts and Crosses Game :


Noughts and Crosses is a CSS3 game that is there since quite some centuries and is popularly known as the Tic Tac Toe Game. This idea of this game has been borrowed from Roman Game Terni Lapilli.

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