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7 Wonderful and Creative jQuery Login Form Ideas

Have you ever clearly observed the login page that appears on any website when you try to sign up on any website? It is a well known saying that the “First Impression is the Best Impression” the first web pages that will pop up when you login on to any particular website will give you the first impression of the website which can be either good or bad. One important aspect that defines the nature of the Website is the design of the jQuery Login Forms. The jQuery Login Forms must have pertinence to the site they are actually leading to.
The jQuery login forms are vital elements of any web page and the design of these jQuery login forms is an important aspect that you need to look into during the design of any website. The fact that a successful login form will encourage as well as motivate the visitors of the website to turn into customers, subscribers or members for any business remain true.
JQuery Login Forms that are visually attractive, creative and sober looking will definitely increase the rate of conversion of a visitor into a customer provided all the other features are taken care of appropriately in a coordinated manner. Nevertheless one cannot ignore the fact that designing attractive and effective jQuery login forms is not a cakewalk as it requires lot of creativity from the designer for the sake of success of the website. Here are a few examples of the most commonly used jQuery Login Forms that have proven to be grabbing the attention of the visitors on the websites:

1. jQuery Login Form with Multiple Inputs

If you are planning to start off with a small contact form in that case designing jQuery Login Form with Multiple Inputs so that there is enough space for typing all the personal information such as Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Id, etc. This style of form is far beyond the ordinary form providing the input from the users a kind of handwritten calligraphy.

2. One Page Registration jQuery Login Forms

With the visitors of the websites becoming more impatient towards filling up the data on the forms this is the choice that the website designers have to their rescue to provide their customers with shorter registration pages.

3. jQuery Login Forms with jQuery Login Boxes

These kinds of jQuery login forms already exist on most of the websites and are likely to be seen on the new age web designs. These login forms provide a great insight into new field of data input. With these kinds of jQuery login forms with a mere click on the login link through the homepage you can see a dynamic jQuery login box pop up on the web page.

4. jQuery Login Forms with Flashy Effects


These kinds of jQuery login forms have both the sign up and the login forms being placed directly underneath each other with novel and trendy CSS3 fade and highlighted effects.


5. Slide In jQuery Login Forms

These jQuery Login forms are implemented on a separate page and can one can enhance the visual style of these forms so as to improve the experience of the users.

6. Digg Style jQuery Login Forms

In this kind of login form when the input field receives focus you can observe that a small blue icon will be shown below it and if there is any error message because of the failure of validation then that will those messages will also appear in the same place.

7. Sliding Panel jQuery Login Forms

The struggles that most of the web designer’s face in the modern era is to make sure that the redundant information is displayed on every page for instance say the login form. With the sliding panel jQuery Login Forms one can create a top panel so that when it is clicked the form will reveal itself and its content.