8 Novel HTML5 Frameworks To Speed Up Your Web Development

The HTMl5 Frameworks guarantee preeminent level of certainty and validity which is not possible to attain with hand coding especially if you are novice coder of HTML5.Most of the HTML5 Frameworks will have a combo of necessary and additional components such as jQuery Scripts, CSS3 Style Sheets so as to improve the functionality of the multimedia features and the responsive web layouts.

If you have a specific project that follows a destined workflow and you want to start right from the beginning then you need not be bothered much as with the help of these HTML5 Frameworks one can speed up the overall development process whilst having a consistent structure for the website. As well with the Smartphone technology ruling the Mobile World it has become very important to develop websites that are compatible with the mobile phones. The HTML5 Frameworks ease the problem of developing cross platform website interfaces and mobile applications.

Almost all the Website owners nowadays want to have a website that is compatible with all the Smartphone’s and not only this in fact they prefer to have their own mobile applications for the Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and any other smart gadget. If you are a web designer in that case you would definitely be interested in developing killer apps and definitely these HTML5 frameworks will be of great assistance to you in this whole process.

Here is a list of HTML5 Frameworks that are popularly used for designing Cross Platform Websites:

1)  LungoJS


This is considered to be the best HTML5 framework for developing mobile websites as it provides the complete functionality features of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. This framework provides you amazing tools with all the feature sin built so that you can think of developing all sorts of apps starting from Geo Location Apps to any kind of Mobile Games. One more added advantage that comes with LungoJS HTML5 Framework is that it does not require any web server support.

2)   Kendo UI


Kendo UI is a HTML5 platform for developing novel and interactive mobile applications and websites. This HTML5 framework provides rich animation, various drag and drop features, templating features and client side data binding apart from having near about ten widgets of which the Chart, Combo Box and Grid are commonly used.

3)      Sencha Touch


This is first HTML5 framework that was constructed with the intent of leveraging JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to the extreme level of optimization, power and flexibility. This framework makes use of local proxy for storing the data offline and specific use of HTML5 for rendering video and audio components.

4)      Jo


With the help if this HTML5 Framework one can create native like application which is compatible with any OS whether it be Blackberry, iOS, Android or anything for that matter of fact which supports HTML5 Widgets. You can solve all your animation and design issues with the help of this framework.

5)      52 Framework


The 52 Framework has a 16 column grid template. This framework comes in package of CSS3 Styles for new “Selection”, drop shadow, rounded corners along with valid HTML5 Mark up. This framework has few special scripts and styles for rendering graceful degradation to IE6.

6)      G5 Framework


If you are in need of fast web development and want to reuse ant theme or application or website project then this is the framework you should opt for. This framework makes use of featured PHP Active Classes, SEO optimization techniques along with clean and commented HTML5 and CSS3.Apart from this G5 provides you with a solid selection of goodies. Few of the things that are already integrated with G5 framework include Orbit Slider, CSS3 PIE, Reveal Modals, CSS3 Buttons and Tipsy Tooltips.

7)      LimeJS


If you are interested in building fast and native experiences games for the novel touch screen gadgets and various desktop web browsers then this is the HTMl5 Framework that is for you.


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