7 Awesome jQuery Captcha Plugins to Save Your Website from Bot Attacks

Captchas are used to differentiate amongst the malicious softwares, bots and human beings. If you want to keep bots and malicious software from attack your website in that case you need to have sexy and cool Captchas within the registration forms, login forms , comment forms , contact forms and lots more. Having sexy and cool Captchas is a smart wash of keeping the bots from entering onto your website as the Captchas help us in curbing the various illegal and unethical activities so that the spammers can have a tough time. You can save lots of your time managing the spam comments on your blog or website by having these cool Captchas plugins within your forms so that it will prevent your website from the registration of spam users, posting of span advertisements and things similar to this.

Here is an overview on few of the sexy and cool jQuery Captcha Plug-ins which are easy to integrate are super fantabulous:

1) Qaptcha


This is a user friendly drag and drop jQuery Captcha System having amazing jQuery UI. This plug in is so simple to use and a very instinctive Captchas system which requires human action instead of having to read some difficult text. If you are looking for an extremely light weight jQuery Captcha plugins then you must have Qaptcha plugins into your forms.

2) Motion Captcha


This jQuery Captcha plug-in employs HTML5 Canvas that’s requires the visitors on the website to draw the shape that they see in the canvas if they want to submit a form. This jQuery Captcha plug-in employs only client side gesture identification and does not have IE support hence is regarded as just a proof of concept.

3) Ajax Fancy Captcha


This is a medium level security jQuery Captcha plug in for preventing your website from spammers and various types of bots. A completely novel way of verifying the various humanity tasks as this plug in requires you to drag & drop particularly specified items into the circle. Ajax Fancy Captcha has elements which are easily customizable and can be modified as per the needs thereby offering the web developers a reasonable level of protection from unwanted users.

4) S3 jQuery Captcha Plug in


This jQuery Captchas requires the users to choose the right image instead of having to type numbers, special symbols and letters that are hard to read.

5) Pix Captcha


This is an image based jQuery Captcha plug-in that makes it difficult for the spammers and bots to crack but easy for human beings to read. Most of the websites depend on the text based CAPTCHAS for differentiating between genuine visitors and bots. Nevertheless most of the cyber criminals are making use of various OCR techniques & various spam tools for breaking or intercepting the various text based CAPTCHAS for spamming the websites and you can avoid this and protect your website by using the Pix Captcha jQuery Plug in.

6) jQuery Real Person



Using this plug-in into your forms will prevent the submission of forms automatically as the users will have identify the text that is made of up of dots. Once the users enters the text pattern that is made up of dots the value will be compared with that on the server and the decision will be made on whether the submission of the form should continue or not.

7) Simple Captcha


This is Captcha plug-in that has Captchas challenges or answer pair. This is comparatively very easy to implement and makes use of sensible defaults whilst having easy to access hooks for customization.


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