8 Top Joomla Plug-ins! You Will Love To Use With Joomla Site

Social Media! Just memorize what comes first in your mind when you listen to this word. Believe it or not, you feel an energy and scope for your business or profession regardless of what you are doing. Social media sites have revolutionized entire world. Literally, these sites have changed the world. Business organizations are trying hard to grab the interest of their targeted social media users. The majority of social media fans are playing a big role in the online reputation of business organizations.

Strong social media presence is helping business organizations in making their customer management productive and efficient. Nowadays, businesses can understand their customers individually and project business offerings as per the ongoing needs of the market. In case, you are using Joomla then you are lucky. You will get some about eight great social media extensions for your Joomla site. These extensions will assist you in making your web content viral and sharable. You can explore more about these extensions by reading further.

Joomla! Add This

It is a highly useful extension for your site. It will allow you to insert an Addthis button somewhere around your web content. You can make changes in the parameters of this extension as per your account information. This is an easy to add extension for your Joomla site. It will help your online visitors to share your web content. It includes almost all leading social sharing buttons such as Facebook and Delicious. Apart from these, it will also have Digg, Twitter, Stumbleupon buttons. It will not cover much space in your site.

Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plug-in

With the help of this tool, you can insert tiny links anywhere around your web content. It can also help you greatly if you want all social media bookmarking and sharing applications in one plug-in. It will allow you to add 60 applications and styles.

Digg Module

If you think exhibition of your social media popularity as profitable for your site then this module will be good for you. You can easily show your ranks and number. Usually, ranks and statistics impress first time and occasional visitors.

Twitter Plug-in

With Joomla, it is great to manage all social media sites without accessing each site individually. This twitter plug-in will tweet about your recent activity such as posting of a new article or blog post in your website. You will not have the need to access your account personally and tweet about your article.

Twitter Module

You can download a Twitter module for your Joomla site. This module will show your recent tweets or the tweets of the person associated with your site. It encourages tweeter users to follow your twitter handle.

DiggIt Plug-in

If you are trying to make you content viral then DiggIt is a necessary plug-in for your site. You can easily insert the DiggIt in your site. Online surfers recognize some main sharing tools such as Digg, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. If you prefer to go with some special services then this plug-in will be good for you.

Sociable Plug-in

This is one of the most famous social media book marking and content sharing plug-in. It inserts the links of leading social media sites as well as of some less effective ones. You can decide your social media sharing sites. Moreover, you can also use your own CSS with this plug-in.

Article Footer Plug-in

You may not believe it but it is true. You can create a custom plug-in for your site. You just need to use “Add Article Footer” plug-in. This plug-in will enable you in adding new links or codes in the webpage footer. In this way, you can personally choose your specific social media sites and design the front end of your plug-in.

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You may be feeling relaxed after knowing about these resourceful Joomla plug-ins. In case, you are using a PSD website and thinking about taking the conversion then it is the best time to take PSD to Joomla conversion. This conversion will refill your website with new energy and competencies. After conversion, you can choose any of the above mentioned plug-in for your site.

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