Editing Made Easy with 7 Best JavaScript Based Rich Text Editors

Rich Text Editors are often termed as Online Rich Text Editors which are of great use when you want to post documents online or edit articles. These are web components that allow users to edit & enter content inside the web browser. One can make use of the rich text editors in various ways for example you can use them for enhancing the comment input form or you can use these rich text editors as a part of any web application which allow the users to enter formatted and user generated content. Online Rich Text Editors are web based and hence what you see is what you get when these editors are used. There are several Rich Text Editors available that you can make use of in your Web Browser and the best thing about these Online Rich Text Editors is that most of them are free.

1. FCK Rich Text JavaScript Editor


This is most popularly used open source rich text editor which has a Word Clean Up feature that will automatically detects and clean the text which is copied from the MS Word documents. This editor has the best in class HTML table creation & editing features which make it easy for the web developers to create and edit tables for displaying the data.



BXE Editor is an open source application that is there since 2002 and has dedicated help option which will be of great use when you get suddenly stuck up into issues in the BXE IRC channel. This is an XML based WYSIWYG editor that will allow you to completely change the entire web page.

3. WidgEditor


This is an open source project that was developed Cameron Adam and is released under the General Public License GNU. This editor is simple to use and has no fussy HTML rich text editing solution which converts standard HTML text regions into WYSIWYG. For the reason that this editor is JavaScript based and is developed to demean gracefully that is users who have disabled JavaScript will also be able to make use of the HTML Text Area.

4. YUI Library Rich Text Editor


This rich text editor is a user interface control of the YUI Library and has proven to be a great solution for people are already suing YUI & as well for people who are keen on saving some of the server resources because with the help of this text editor one can serve it directly from the yahoo servers. This editor as well provides tremendous Mobile Device Support thereby making it a great and rich text editing solution providing ease of accessibility.

5. Silver light JavaScript Based Rich Text Editor



This is the very first rich text editor for Silverlight that has several useful features for instance you can easily find and replace some specific word and replace it with a batch or something else. Apart from this it provides keyboard shortcut supports, you can as well serialize the text input for security reasons and lots more. However one thing that you need to be aware of before you pick up this editor for your project is that the creator of this editor has stopped any kind of further enhancements to it.

6. Whizzywig


This is an amazing web based rich text editor having both German and Spanish versions apart from English. This is the best pick for web safe color picker that can change the colors of text and as well custom designed controls. This editor is easy to sue and is available for free allowing you to create rich and formatted text through web forms. This editor actually will create XHTML but the user need not have any kind of HTML knowledge to use it. If you are good at using any Email or Word Processor then you are good to go with using this editor.

7. Kupu Text Editor


This is an Online WYSIWYG text editor within Silva. By making use of this editor one can add tables, text, abbreviations, links, index items, citations, acronyms, image and lots more stuff. In fact using Kupu is pretty simple because it uses similar commands as that of any normal word processor like MS Word.


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