Joshfire- The Mobile Framework that Ignites the Fire of Web Application Development

Glance at Joshfire

Joshfire in an open source mobile framework that can be used for developing web applications. This framework makes use of HTML5 and JavaScript so that the web developers can build web applications that are compatible with browsers , Smart Televisions , Smartphones and Connected Objects. Joshfire framework uses popular js resources such as the Zepto.js or MediaElement.js. So as to support a flexible development process this framework has a separation for design, date and content.

The devices that are currently supported by the Joshfire framework include the Samsung TV , Google TV , iOS , Android and as well the adapter for Node.js script. If you want to create dedicated and native web applications in no time for Connected Objects, Node.js , Smart Televisions , Smartphones, Desktops and Web browsers then Joshfire is just the ideal CSS Mobile Framework for doing so. You can control the web applications that are developed with the help of touch sensors , keyboard , TV Remote , Mouse and other things based on the capabilities of the device. The best thing about the Joshfire Framework is that the Library of this framework is continuously revised , documented in detail and has several examples so that it is easy for the web developers to continue with the development.


Features of Joshfire Mobile Framework

  • Joshfire is a Multi-Device Framework so regardless if the device you try to reach this framework will allow you to build a new web app which will by default be compatible with all the Smart Television’s , Mobiles , Connected Objects , Tablets .
  • Joshfire renders extreme level of user interaction and you can simply stop thinking about about all the specific application designs for Arduino, Touchpad, Mouse, TV Remote , Keyboard and as well the Kinect. The user interaction level is so amazing that when using the Joshfire Framework you merely have to describe your web application and everything else will be done for you.
  • Joshfire Framework is the foremost open source multiple device web development framework that makes use of standards like JavaScript and HTML5 thus allowing the developers to create native and dedicated web apps for multiple devices without any hassle.
  • Joshfire framework has a simple and easy to use design thus making it possible to be extended and shared for further enhancements amongst the community. To be precise you can call this framework to be open source for good.
  • Joshfire framework will allow you to distribute podcasts, shows, news, movies , music and photos in an optimized manner allowing you to create completely featured content web applications without any hassle.
  • If you are pissed off with complex web development process and heavy mobile frameworks then the simplicity of this framework will definitely please you by simplifying the process of deployment and development of the web apps.
  • Most of the times it could be the case that the devices or gadgets for which you are developing the web applications might not be strong enough in running the app. In such situations you need not worry as with Joshfire framework you can run your applications on the Client side or on the Server side based on the capabilities of the device for which the app is being developed.

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