40 Amazing jQuery Plugins For 2013

Everyone likes Jquery as they have a community consisting of programmers who do exciting things. But the problem is most of us do not know the plugin that works best and spend a lot of time looking for the right one. Hundreds upon hundreds of new jQuery plugins are released every year.

Some basic, offering simple functions, others can be complex offering far more functionalities. Either way, both types of plugins are always useful. Below we’ve rounded up 40 of Latest jQuesry Plugins you can try in 2013. Have a look, and let us know in the comments if we’ve missed your favourite!

Jquery Avgrund :

Is a great solution for dialogs though it is limited as far as features go.

jquery avgrund

Cool Kitten :

Is a framework that is responsive for moving through sites and arranges parts6 of the site in slides

Cool Kitten

Snack.js :

Is a easy and small library for JavaScript and is great for smaller project where you have to put together a smaller site. But you can even handle complex stuff with this.


Arctext :

is plugin that allows you put each part of the text portion on a curved path.


140medley :

This one offers a 0.5kb assimilation of functionality which supports events, AJAX and templates. Can be only used by experts as the documentation is using comments in source code that is cryptic


Bacon :

This plugin will let you wrap text around a line which enables better control typographically


Sticky :

This plugin will let you have the wherewithal to have an element on page to remain visible even when you move down the page.


FitText.js :

It is great for scaling the text in an element to fill the width of the container and makes for sharper look on various devices.


xui.js :

Is a framework for authoring with reference to HTML5 web applications for mobile and operates on all devices in this area.


jQuery Knob :

Is great for converting elements that are input into jQuery dials that are touchable and is fully open to being customized.

jQuery Knob

Stellar.js :

It offers parallax scrolling effect to all element of scolling.


Alertify.js :

Has a small library for featuring lovely windows for dialog and notifications


Zepto.js :

Is a library with rich features especially designed to be useful for Android and iOS


jQuery File Upload :

Is a widget that has several selection of files at once, support for drag and drop, preview images and progress bars

jQuery File Upload

iCheck :

This one will help enhance your form control


Complexify :

Is aimed at assessing how tough passwords are


Fancy Input :

Can be used for entering text and deleting it if needed in a cool manner

Fancy Input

Long Press :

This one simplifies the writing of characters that are rare or are accented

Long Press

Chosen :

Is an effective widget that transforms a input that is selected into a dropdown list that is searchable.


Pickadate.js :

Helps in creation of mobile friendly and responsive selection of date


Parsley.js :

Is a quite and simple library for validating form fields


gmaps.js :

Is a very handy library for placing markers, keep an ear out for events, set coordinates and much more


Super Scrollorama :

Is great for scroll animations

Super Scrolloram

Typeahead.js :

Is an auto complete library created by Twitter


Textillate.js :

It melds together the strength of lettering.js and animate.css


Scrollpath :

Is great for defining your own custom scrolling path


Windows :

Is great for building up a site with single page that has sections across the whole screen


Lettering.js :

Is great for improved web typography


Gridster.js :

Will allow you to build layouts that can be dragged from elements in many columns


Freetile :

Will organize content of webpage in a responsive, effective and dynamic way


Stalactite :

Is a library that arranges content on the page as per space that is available


jQuery Shuffle Letters :

It created intriguing effect that randomizes content in a text element

jQuery Shuffle Letters

nanoScroller.js :

Is an easy method for implementing scroll bars styled on Mac OS


Tubular.js :

You can use this to set a Youtube video as the background for your page.


jQuery TouchTouch :

Is great for making animations smoother

jQuery TouchTouch

iPicture :

Helps make interactive walkthrough images


Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Plugin :

Is good for creating image hover effects

Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Plugin

jQuery Custom Content :

Is a scrollbar that is easily customizable using CSS

jQuery Custom Content

Backstretch :

Use this to add a slideshow that is resized dynamically


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