Master the Art of Mobile Web Development with Kendo UI Framework

If you are a professional Mobile Web Developer looking to develop Mobile Websites and Web Apps then Kendo UI is the Mobile Framework for you as it has all the features and functions that are needed for easy Mobile App Development. Kendo UI Mobile Web Framework has a very simple and easy to use consistent programming interface , rich jQuery Based Widgets , a MVVM framework , templates, rock solid Data Source Validation,  Themes , Drag and Drop Application Programming Interface , Internationalizations and the list does not end here as there are several other features that add to the power of Kendo UI Mobile Framework.

Kendo UI

Various Bundles of Kendo UI Mobile Framework

  • Kendo UI Mobile : This bundle is for developing hybrid Mobile web applications with the use of HTML5.
  • Kendo UI Web : This bundle is for desktop browsing experience with the use of HTML5 Widgets.
  • Kendo UI DataViz : This bundle if for  Data Visualization widgets with HTML5.
  • Kendo UI Complete: This bundle of the framework consists of Kendo UI Mobile , Kendo UI Web and Kendo DataViz.
  • Kendo UI Complete for PHP – This bundle of the Kendo UI Mobile Framework consists of all the PHP Wrappers for Kendo UI DataViz and Kendo UI Web.
  • Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC – This bundle of the Kendo UI Mobile Framework consists of all the ASP.NET MVC Wrappers for Kendo UI DataViz and Kendo UI Web.
  • Kendo UI Complete for JSP – This bundle of the Kendo UI Mobile Framework consists of all the JSP Wrappers for Kendo UI DataViz and Kendo UI Web.

Kendo UI Mobile Framework

What’s New with the Latest Kendo UI Release ?

  • Kendo UI Mobile Framework has become more modern with the prologue of a Flat UI  theme for the Kendo UI Web bundle and Kendo UI Mobile Bundle that will improve the performance of your web applications by 30%.
  •  The Kendo UI Editor  has support for tables together with a ground breaking responsive designs that  can be adapted over all the mobile web browsers and desktop browsers.
  • The Kendo UI Web  bundle now has a novel full featured Scheduler Widget which is all the rage of 2013 when it comes to Mobile App development.
  • This has been regarded as the Mobile Ready framework as the latest release has ASP.NET MVC server wrappers for the Kendo UI Mobile Bundle along with a Drawer Menu Widget of  Facebook Style .
  • When  it comes to Speed and Agility of the Kendo UI Framework it has :

1) There is support for all the Graphs and DataViz Charts through the HTML5 Canvas rendering.

2) You can acquire more than 200% performance gain with almost all the extraordinary Mobile App transitions.

3) All the DataViz charts have scrolling performance enhancements.

4) There is Kinetic rolling and faster view transitions for all the huge virtualized lists.

The simplicity of the Kendo UI framework is the reason behind the rapid progress in any web development project from design to delivery. If you consider this framework on the Mobile front, you will notice that it is easy to go straight away to tablet and mobile devoid of having to touch any of the backend services. The Kendo UI Data Viz components particularly the Gauge Controls and Animated Charts are a great add on to the users apart from the amazing Kendo UI themes that make the user interface more exciting.

Kendo UI has been certified as the framework of choice for all the professional JavaScript and HTML web development projects and is supported by all the world class services organizations because of its increased productivity.

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