Yes It Is (YII) – Fast , Secure and Professional PHP Framework

Yes It Is (YII) is an open source PHP framework for web application development with highly optimized performance this making it ideal for all kinds of web projects. YII PHP Framework has impressive and high performance  when compared to other PHP Frameworks and this is the reason for YII getting huge positive attention from all the web developers. The adoption and popularity of YII Framework is increasing at a very rapid pace because of its remarkably rich features.


This framework is considered to be the best PHP Framework for developing Web 2.0 Applications. This framework is apt for social media websites , online portals , forums and so on. YII is abbreviated as “ Yes It Is” and is usually pronounced as “Yee”. Wondering why is it abbreviated as “Yes It Is” just because it is the answer to the questions such as  :

Is it professional?

Is it fast ?

Is it secure?

The answer to all the above questions is  “Yes It Is”  -à the YII Framework.

Overview on the Rich Features of YII

Regardless of the fact that you are Team of Distributed Web Developers building a complex web application or a single web developer building a simple website, YII PHP Framework will augment your team with efficient and professional resources whilst give you add on experience and all this for free. With YII you can keep your concentration on the tasks that are specific to your business needs and YII will provide you the implementation strategy for all the business requirements due to its rich feature set as mentioned below :

YII PHP Framework

MVC Coding Pattern

YII provides a clear separation between the business logic from the presentation via its proven MVC Architecture and Coding Pattern.

Form Validation and Input

YII has a collection of Validators and various helper methods which ease the task of form input & validation. It is very easy and safe to collect form input with YII.

Authorization and Authentication

YII provides authorization  through hierarchical RBAC i.e. role based access control with in-built authentication support.

Support for Web Services

YII allows generation of various complicated WSDL specifications automatically along with proper management of web service request handling.

DB Migration , DAO (Database Access Objects) , Active Record and Query Builder

Web developers can model the database data in the form of objects so as to get rid of writing complex and tedious SQL queries repeatedly.

Compatibility with Third Party Code

The design of YII is compatible enough to work with third party code so you can use the code from Zend Framework or PEAR to work well with your YII Web Application.

Support for AJAX Widgets

YII has a collection of AJAX enabled widgets so that you can write versatile and efficient user interface  with simplicity and ease.

Extended Libraries

This framework consists of a separate library that will contain all the user contributed components.

Theming and Skinning Features

YII will let you easily switch the appearance of your YII Power website through its skinning and theming features.


Fully Fledged Documentation

Each and every property or method is documented in detail along with various comprehensive tutorials for assistance.

Safe and Secure

There are several security measures that come with YII PHP Framework which will protect your web application from XSS Attacks  (Cross Site Scripting)  , CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery ) , SQL Injections and Cookie Tampering.

Functional and Unit Testing

Based on Selenium and PHP Unit one can write and run functional tests and unit tests.

Error Logging and Handling

The log messages that are appear are filtered ,categorized and after that routed to various destinations. All the error and log messages are presented in a very clear manner.

Support for  Localization (L10N ) and Internationalization (I18N)

This framework provides support for interface localization , message translation , time and date formatting  , number formatting.

Layered Caching Scheme

This framework has wide support for fragment caching , dynamic content , data caching and page caching. You can easily change the storage medium of caching  without making any modifications to the application code.

Support for Automated Code Generation

There are several code generation tools which will help you in code generation for implementing various features such as CRUD , form input and so on.

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