Customize your Bar Charts on iPhone with Highly Flexible PowerPlot iOS Framework

PowerPlot is a software library for all the iPhone Applications that will be of great help in creating fabulous mobile charts for reporting and various BI activities. If you are a software developer wanting to add charts with ease and quickly to your iPhone app then PowerPlot iOS framework must be your choice. This framework is highly configurable and flexible enough to grow with any existing web application project.

If you are hunting for a mobile visualization library that will serve all the business and scientific graphics in particular meant for the iOS platforms such as the iPad, iPhone or the iPod Touch then you must consider PowerPlot framework. This framework has made it easy for the web developers to add various graphics to their web applications easily. The best thing about this framework is that it can grow with the needs of the web developers.


This framework provides support for various default chart types so that you can use it for quick prototyping generating quicker results with low cost of development ad rapid software development cycles. With being highly flexible you can use this framework to as well fit in various eccentric requirements and unusual chart combinations so that if there is any initial investment in the code base it does not go wasted. This framework was first released in December 2010 and is considered as one of the most mature iOS framework. This framework is among one of the highly tested and proven chart engines that are there for the iPhone which provide clients high level of security and reliability. This framework has an all-around data model which will provide manipulations and various accesses in a completely functional style of programming.This framework is documented in an efficient manner with different tutorials, overviews and wide range of feature documentations.

Custom Bar Chart with PowerPlot iOS

The basic design of PowerPlot iOS Framework follows the MVC Pattern with detailed data classes and views. Each of the PowerPlot chart is regarded as an instance of the WSChart class that is in turn a subclass of UIView. The idea of the Model View Controller pattern is to modularize and divide the independent parts of the program logic. The “Model” will take care of all the data i.e. receive the data, compute the data and store the data but the Model will not be aware of the fact on how it should be presented to the user. In most of the business applications the data is transferred to the mobile gadgets through various RESTful web services. In PowerPlot framework the data model will be handled by the WSData class and the best thing about this class is that one can deserialize, serialize and copy it as per their needs. Not only this has the data model had the capability to store style information that might be needed by the user. Examples of style information include the colors of various fonts of the different nodes in the graph and the colors of the various bars in case of bar charts. You can initialize the WSData class just like the normal C Style arrays thus making it highly flexible and compatible with any kind of iOS Framework which can handle the data on iOS.

After having discussed about the Model you know that it does not present the data to the user and this is when the View comes into picture as it will do the actual presentation of the data to the user. Each view of PowerPlot is a subclass of the WSPlot that is again a subclass of the UIView which is a part of the WSChart as a sub view. To Conclude with we can say that PowerPlot is a highly flexible, powerful and versatile iOS Framework that is meant for the iPad and iPhone.So if you have been searching for an iOS Framework that can meet all your needs for customizing Bar Charts then PowerPlot is the framework of choice for you.

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