Common Mistakes People Commit Whilst Choosing iOS Frameworks

People generally tend to make mistakes whilst choosing a framework nevertheless it is mandatory for one restrict these mistakes so that the web developers can develop web applications that will run smoothly. When you are about to choose iOS frameworks ensure that it is not so small that it cannot provide you any kind of support. Small or indecisive frameworks are usually created by people who have limited knowledge of iOS. When you are choosing an iOS framework any of these above mistakes can lead to various issues within your web application and at the end of the day result in malfunctioning of the web application.

Making use of an iOS framework that is easy to use and comprehend is necessary unless and until you are an advanced web programmer and developer. You should at all times ensure that the web server and the database are equally compatible with the iOS framework you choose for development. This is one common mistake the people usually make when they choose an iOS framework and in excitement they forget to check the technical requirements of the framework and the compatibility with the framework that they have chosen.

If all the above mentioned requirements are not as is when it comes to choosing an iOS framework you will not get the most excellent performance when developing web applications with the chosen iOS framework. One more common mistake that people make is that they derail from the suggested installation process of your iOS framework. If you by mistake setup the iOS framework by following the incorrect process you are likely to land up yourself with more number of problems at hand which will become very difficult to be resolved. So when you are choosing an iOS framework you should keep your eye on the prize and take sufficient time in setting up the right iOS framework. Thus to avoid distraction with your iOS framework you should follow the framework instructions properly.

iOS Frameworks

There are a few iOS frameworks that provide convention over configuration which means that the it will help the web developers in reducing the number of decision that are required to be made so as to gain simplicity and along with it not lose any kind of flexibility .When we talk about convention you need to understand that it has a set of rules which the web developers have to follow so as to achieve auto magic configuration. Most of the iOS frameworks have implemented the convention over configuration approach so as to enhance the speed for developing web apps.

When Should We Make Use of an iOS Framework?

There are a wide range of possibilities with iOS frameworks which actually depend on the web developer. If you are on familiar terms with iOS in that case you are more likely to make use of iOS framework than any other beginners in the field of iOS would do. If you want to systemize the building process and reduce the repetitive coding process then it is good to use iOS frameworks. If you are working on a web application which can make profit from the building process in that case you can definitely make use of an iOS framework.

iOS Frameworks are strong and efficient tools that will be of great help in squeezing the code in a clean and efficient manner. If you are not looking for organizing your code in a clean and efficient manner then playing with iOS frameworks is not likely meant for you.

Everybody has their own requirements and preferences because what actually it may seem to one web developers as effective usage of time by implementing a framework for speeding up the web development process for other web developer this might actually seem to be a waste of time. This actually will be based on the level of skills you posses whether the developer is beginner or an advanced personnel. iOS frameworks have been built so as to decrease the amount of work load of the web developers and save lot of time.

Reviewing the iOS Frameworks

You must at all time stay away from iOS frameworks that do not have good documentation and insufficient user guide. So when choosing an iOS framework you need to make sure that the iOS framework you choose should have comparatively easy to follow user guide and excellent documentation. After doing good amount of research and reviewing the relative feedback about the various iOS frameworks we have collected the list of top 7 iOS frameworks which will give the web developers a lot in terms of speed, stability and usability.

Sprite Kit


Sprite Kit is the novel iOS 7 framework and is given the name after the Sprites which are nothing but individual elements  in any video game that are animated over a different background layer

Cocoa iOS Framework

Cocoa Framework

Cocoa is a framework that is meant for both OS X Operating System and the iOS platforms which can be used on Multi Touch devices such as the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

Sparrow iOS Framework

Sparrow iOS Framework

Sparrow iOS Framework will help you with a lean and focused design in rendering an elegant foundation for iOS frameworks on the aspect of building great games. The best thing about the Sparrow iOS Framework is that the approachable Application Programming Interface of this framework

RestKit iOS Framework


RestKit iOS framework is pretty fast and you will enjoy using it as it is a mix of simple and clean HTTP Response and Request application programming interface with a strong object mapping system that will decrease the amount of programming code you have to write so as to get the functions implemented

OmniFoundation iOS Framework

OmniFoundation Framework

Omni Foundation is an iOS Framework with extension to the basic foundational framework of Apple. This iOS Framework has wide range of powerful and distinct classes with highly helpful extension to the foundational framework of Apple

QuincyKit iOS Framework


Quincy Kit is an iOS framework that will allow the entire Mac OS and iOS Developers to get the crash reports of the web applications they have developed

PowerPlot iOS Framework

Custom Bar Chart with PowerPlot iOS

This framework provides support for various default chart types so that you can use it for quick prototyping generating quicker results with low cost of development ad rapid software development cycles. PowerPlot is a software library for all the iPhone Applications that will be of great help in creating fabulous mobile charts for reporting and various BI activities

Having listed 7 of the best iOS Frameworks that one can use for building web applications we would suggest you to poke around, mark a few, test & observe which one works finest for you.


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