Android Web App Development Made Easy With TheAppBuilder

If you want to enjoy the freedom to build, distribute and update mobile applications then TheAppBuilder mobile framework is for you. This android framework is regarded as the world’s top most leading platform for mobile app web development with 321428 mobile apps and it is still counting on to many more.  If you are wondering what makes TheAppBuilder so significant in the world of Mobile App development then have a look at its amazing features:

  • Amazing User Friendly Mobile Application Toolkit

It has a vast library of in-built widgets that will be of great help to you I defining the structure of your mobile web applications and after that fill the content within in just no time. In order to get started with this framework you do not need any specialized technical or design skills. You can easily build mobile applications in minutes with the pre-designed templates and simple drag and drop interface and in case if you are stuck anywhere there are so many free online tutorials that are accessible to help you out.

  • Compatible with Different Platforms

You can build your mobile application once with this framework and after that continue to distribute your mobile app on different platforms with ease. You can easily update the content & structure of your web application and after that publish these update by mere one click on different platforms such as Android, HTML5 Web App, iPad, iPhone, etc.

  • Different Applications at Just One Price

The best thing about TheAppBuilder framework is that one can develop several mobile applications devoid of any extra charge so that the developers can try out their innovative ideas of creating different apps. You have the flexibility to switch to different plans and make the best out of the premium features of this framework when you require them and turn off when you do not need them.

TheAppBuilder Framework

  • Option to Distribute Privately

With this framework in place one can create private mobile applications for their clients, employees and business partners. For instance if you plan to build mobile application for employees you can create one together with the iOS Enterprise Developer Program by Apple and build an in-house app that will be distributed to the employees of your organization through intranet by providing them an optional username and password. When it is about developing the mobile app for partners and clients one can make use of TheAppBuilder for creating password protected applications which will be distributed through the app stores. You can in either situation make use of the Active Directory Integration or the Authentication services so as to enable login with the already existing user groups and credentials.

  • Option to Distribute App Publicly


One of the most easiest and economical method to distribute a free mobile web app is to provide your audience with a URL link on their Smartphone. You should make sure that the web app is compatible with almost all the smartphones based on Android OS or iPhone. You cannot publish the apps on the Google Play Store or on iTunes nor do they require a mobile data connection. You need to upgrade to the premium plan so as to have the privilege to submit the apps to the Google Play Store.

  • Provision for Enterprise Library App

You can pick up the pace of your enterprise app publishing capabilities with a Library Application which is powered by the TheAppBuilder framework. The Library Application is an app protected with a password that provides the users with a window for logging into multiple applications. You can deploy the library app either publicly or privately so that you can bring in new applications for your clients, partners or employees immediately.

  • Highly Secure Framework

The data on the mobile and servers is encrypted using the AES 128 algorithm. Not only this you can provide specific userid and password to make sure that only the desired audience is able to login to your applications. The servers of TheAppBuilder are hosted by the leading enterprise level hosting company Rack space. If you want you can as well provide dedicated installs of the AppBuilder at a data center of your choice.

  • Updates Made Easy with TheAppBuilder

Generally it becomes difficult for the web developers to update the structure and content of their apps after they go live in the Google Play Store but with the AppBuilder now it is easy to make the updates and publish those updates just in a time span of 60 seconds and these will be available to the users on various mobile platforms with just one single click.

  • Integration made Easy with TheAppBuilder

It is easy to integrate TheAppBuilder platform with the Active Directory and the Microsoft SharePoint so that they are in compliance with the security policies of your app.

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