15 Best Free WordPress Responsive Themes in 2014

As you know responsive themes have become increasing important in the scheme of the online world. Today we can take a look at the top 15 free responsive themes from WordPress. These are one of a kind and are easy to be downloaded to be used for starting your own WordPress blog or site.

These responsive themes from WordPress are made in such a fashion that they will adapt the theme as per the device being seen on. Using these themes you can keep the users from the hassle of zooming and in and out and moving around scrolling to see the site. Plus these themes come with features that are easy on you regarding your work. Plus many of these themes come ready to serve many types of sites like galleries, blogs, business blogs, magazines and more.

Not only are these themes easy to use, they are good for highlighting the content too.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (1)

It is simple version of the theme from N.Design which is artistic and works very well for personal blogs. It supports the 3.0 WordPress version and comes complete with child themes and custom menus.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (2)

This one is a better version of the original and has the Themify framework that makes it better and offers more choices. It works well for Mac related and tech blogs. It utilize the media query to show displays to devices.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (3)

This will cover setting up and use of this theme which can be learnt from the accompanying documentation.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (4)

This theme is simplicity itself and makes for easy use through the admin panel in the theme which is really easy to use.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (5)

A magazine style theme this one is bold and very responsive. It makes sense to use this for tech related blogs and creative sites.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (6)

It is neat and classy and is also based on Icefit framework. It is easy to create an attractive and expert site in a very short time.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (7)

Again a very attractive and classy theme that has been created by InkThemes.com. It is very simple to use and makes it very quick and easy to have your brand site for either personal or work related sites.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (8)

This can be used to garner more audience using the homepage. This is due to the layout that has been set up to allow for a lot of content publication.

Silverclean Lite

Best Free WordPress responsive themes (9)

Is neat and classy and is based on Icefit framework putting it firmly in the category of being really advanced. It is easy to use this and create a beautiful site very fast.

Chooko Lite

Best Free WordPress responsive themes (10)

It is as the name suggests very sweet and really colorful. It is also based on the Icefit framework which is one of the most powerful and is great for beauty and fashion or other such blogs and sites.

BoldR Lite

Best Free WordPress responsive themes (11)

This is very bold theme which is on magazine style. Again uses powerful Icefit framework making it really advanced and ideal for design and technology related sites.

Minimal Xpert

Best Free WordPress responsive themes (12)

It is neat and professional looking making it ideal for business purposes. The home page has a classy NivoSlider that you can turn on or off.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (13)

Is a basic and neat community and blog theme and also has the advantage of being SEO oriented.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (14)

This one works really well for gallery or portfolio based image sites that show images. The theme makes it easy to personalize the type of posts that you want on it.


Best Free WordPress responsive themes (15)

This theme has been created here on WPEsplorer itself and gives a neat and businesslike feel.

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