Top 10 Essential WordPress Cache plugins to Expedite your Website

One of the most important concerns for a blogger using WordPress is page loading speed. A good speedy website is always the demand of readers. Readers run away from the websites that loads slow. Your website page must load faster for a better user experience. This problem can be solved by using WordPress Cache plugins. So, here is the list of top 10 essential WordPress cache plugins to expedite your website.

WordPress Cache plugins

DB Cache Reloaded Fix

WordPress Cache plugins (1)

This plugin is a modified version of DB cache reloaded that can run on WordPress 3.1 and above versions. This plugin fixes up the MySQL queries that are performed by the readers to optimize the site speed. This plugin works fairly well by clearing the cache of website. This in turn increases the page loading speed.

WP Super Cache

WordPress Cache plugins (2)

This plugin converts your dynamic WordPress blog to static HTML files which uses comparatively low memory. Now, the web server will process this file easily rather than processing bigger PHP scripts. These static HTML files would be served to:

  • Users who are unlogged
  • Users not leaving comment on the comment box
  • Users who had not viewed password protected post

WP Total Cache

WordPress Cache plugins (3)

It is a WordPress cache clearing plugin to speed up your website with following features:

  • Easily compatible with shared, VPS or dedicated hosting
  • It is also compatible with mobile
  • It easily caches up the feeds, search results on pages, database objects in disk or memory
  • It minifies the feeds, post, pages, JavaScript etc.

It claims to make your blog loading times 10 times faster. It provides a large number of optimization features like source code minimization and integration with CDN (content Delivery Network).

Hyper Cache Extended

WordPress Cache plugins (4)

This is the updated version of Hyper Cache plugin offering quality features like 404-error page catching, compression options, and support for mobile devices. The developer of this plugin allows the users to question him about the faults in plugin via email.

WP fastest cache

WordPress Cache plugins (5)

This plugin also creates a copy of HTML files that are static in nature. This reduces the page load time significantly. Some of the relevant features of this plug-in are:

  • Cache files are deleted when page or post is published
  • Administrator can delete cached files, minified CSS and minified JavaScript files
  • You can also enable or disable the cache option for mobile devices

Quick Cache

WordPress Cache plugins (6)

This is a lightweight plug-in that is user friendly. Each of the option in this plug-in has detailed description to let you know the function of each plug-in. You can enable or disable cache for logged in or unlogged users.

WP fast Cache

WordPress Cache plugins (7)

It is one of the best cache plugin that loads the page faster. This plugin also works by creating the HTML files that are static in nature. It has got simple user interface for managing, creating or updating cached pages. Some of its quality features are:

  • Caching of permalinks, categories, pages, posts etc.
  • Simple cache management and much more

Hyper Cache

WordPress Cache plugins (8)

It is a flexible cache configuration system for WordPress. This is generally preferred by people who are hosting their blogs on shared servers. Some of the relevant features of this plugin are:

  • 404 caching
  • Can manage both gzip and plain pages
  • It is easy to configure
  • You can easily integrated it with other plugins


WordPress Cache plugins (9)

It is a powerful WordPress cache plugin having quick cache system. It improves the performance of your website significantly. You can configure the cache settings according to your choice.

WP File Cache

WordPress Cache plugins (10)

This plugin caches only the part of a webpage rather than complete webpage. It is made for dynamic websites that have high traffic and frequent updations. It does not function well with static websites.

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