Most Vital Photoshop Tips for Web Developers

Nowadays, web developers need to update themselves with the latest tools and technologies, regarding web design and development at the same time. Although, mostly developers don’t like to do extra work related with design, because they already much exhausted with hard coding. Photoshop Tips

If you have no choice, how to avoid these rich media and graphics, then it would be more painful. Especially, if you are working as a freelance developer, you should adapt some techniques using some of the best photo editing software’s available in market, like Adobe Photoshop, which is one of the top photos editing software tool for web developers and designers.

Adobe Photoshop may be look little different perhaps as a first trial, and if you are not used to it. Its interface and its commands will confuse you at the beginning, however by the time being, things will be OK.

Most important thing is practice, which can make a developer a bit like Photoshop designer also. Following are few most considerable Photoshop tips for web developers.

Layer Selection using Photoshop:

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It is very important to know how to select a layer in Photoshop. Usually, designers provide a design with PSD, which contains tons of layers inside. Someone can locate layers by doing following steps

  • Switch to move tool,
  • Press the Ctrl key and click on the particular element. Someone can do it by right clicking it, to view menu of all corresponding layers.

Layer Management in Photoshop:

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Layer management is one of most important Photoshop tips for web developers. Navigating too many layers at a time is not an easy task for developers. However, Photoshop provides many options to manage multiple lists.

  • Double click layer’s name to change, and give it a new name.
  • For color, right click on eye icon, and simple select a color.
  • For multiple layer selection, click folder icon.
  • After that, dragging the layers into it, simply.

Snapshots in Photoshop:

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A developer find problem by doing undo several actions, especially creating graphic images of different sizes. Undo is not a good option for it. By using Photoshop, it can be easy

  • Click on the Snapshot icon located in history palette.
  • Photoshop automatically creates a copy of current state of the document, which can be view any time.

Accurate Guides in Photoshop:

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  • Guides are very helpful in image slicing and its alignment.
  • Couple of steps needed, to add a vertical guide or a horizontal guide in Photoshop
  • View the rulers, or press Ctrl+R as shortcut key.
  • Click ruler and after that drag the guide to specific image.

How to Pick Colors from Anywhere in Photoshop:

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  • Just choose color picker tool.
  • Click anywhere you want on an image, after that you can move anywhere on the screen, where you want to pick a specific color.

Changing the background color of an icon:

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Changing background color of an icon in Photoshop is very easy. Follow these steps to changing background

  • Open the icon image in your Photoshop.
  • Click on the FILE option.
  • Click on the save for web and devices tab.

After that, select PNG-8 or PNG-24 beneath optimize file format, if your image is in other format, it is recommended to convert in in PNG first, because PNG format is lighter than others.

Ruler Rotations in Photoshop:

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Rulers guides are very important Photoshop tips for web developers. Sketch line along with the horizon to any particular direction on page.

  • Now select image.
  • Then choose image rotation.
  • Choose arbitrary.
  • After viewing ruler angle on a tab, click OK.

Multiple Undo in Photoshop:

Ctrl+Z as in most applications do the same task in Photoshop as well, however pressing Ctrl+Z twice can redo it.

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