5 Significant Reasons Why Cloud Computing is Best

Cloud computing is one of the best emerging fields in the internet world. It allows people to access the same applications on internet. It had made most of the businesses to move over it.

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You might be thinking of reasons why cloud computing is best and why most of the businesses are opting it. This is because of the fact that cloud computing improves the efficiency of business improving the cash flow and offering several benefits.

Enterprises should move towards Cloud computing because of the following reasons:

  • It has the ability to scale up the IT capacity on demand
  • It ensures the align use of the IT resources, directly with the cost
  • It provides more IT agility
  • It provides the right solutions to the businesses without letting them purchase the hardware and software
  • The business volatility can be placed in single domain
  • You can manage huge data sets easily
  • It reduces the operational cost

These are some of the important reasons why enterprises should move towards cloud computing.

Why cloud computing is best?

There are many reasons to prove cloud computing best, but the 5 best reasons are given below. These reasons will actually prove cloud computing as the best technology of all time for businesses and enterprises.



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A company will always need extra bandwidth than usual. The cloud based service could meet the demand of extra bandwidth by the company because the cloud remote servers have huge capacity. This flexibility is really vital for most of the companies. It is not offered by the other servers. In this way company could save their lot of business that might have been wasted due to the server downfall, in case of local servers.

Disaster recovery


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When the companies rely on cloud based services, they never need a complex disaster recovery plan. The providers of cloud computing takes care of most of these issues and one of the plus points are that they do it faster. According to a survey, the companies using cloud computing could recover easily from the disasters within 2.1 hours that was nearly 4 times lesser than the local server recovery. It is better for mid sized and large sized businesses. They must go for cloud computing anyhow.

Automatic Software Updates


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The cloud computing providers, work for the client requirements. They always process the needs of their clients before the client actually demand for it. Most of the of the server maintenance work is done by the provider along with installation of security updates and other software updates that are relevant for the cloud server and company.

A new Level of Inbound Insights and Social Intelligence


Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram

As the companies expand their social relationships with other companies or customers, they must be able to keep track of these social relationships for their sales teams. It allows businesses to keep track of their relationships, sales, and other assets related to the customers. It makes proper insight of these relationships and helps the businesses to large extent.

Businesses get Optimal Value and High Performances


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It gives the customers complete cloud solution to ensure that the businesses get the perfect value for their vital investments. It optimizes the speed and gives better results as compared to some other technology. It aims at providing the best solution at minimal cost.

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