10 optionally Good WordPress Typography Plugins You could Opt For

It is not necessary that the person will follow the standard guide for their publications. If the person wants then it can be created by their own set of the style rules as well as mixes many of their personal taste along with the style manual that is standard.  Whatever is being decided by the person, for helping in the endeavor there are ten inspirational typographies for word press. Some of them are free while other may cost the nominal amount. Here is the list of best wordpress typography plugins.

WP Footnotes

WP Footnotes will create as well as manage the footnotes as well as side notes as if the person’s blog must be posted is a Microsoft word document. Check Here

Drop caps

Drop caps will increase the readability of the person‘s post through the addition of the stylish drop cap whenever the first paragraph is being started.

  • One can also add the drop caps for comments as well as excerpts.
  • The facility plug-in always comes along with the default style sheet, but one can change the CSS according to his/her needs.

Check Here

Post typographer

It is somewhat similar to the WP Typography that is a one stop shop for posting the typography. When the person will publish as well as update the post, then it is formatted automatically according to the rules that are being set for plug-in.Check Here

Simple pull Quotes

If the person wants a way for setting off as well as emphasizing the quotes within the other quotes then the simple pull quotes are presented for you.

  • It will add the pull quote
  • Also adds button for your HTML as well as the editor of tiny MCE which allow the person to emphasize any of the text that is being chosen by you.

Check Here

Image of the text

Text images will help in replacing the full content for the posts along with the images of PNG. Converting the text with an image will make it unreadable as well as unable for indexing for the search engines. One can style the background of the images, font along with the sizes as per their need. Because it is the image that one cannot apply the formatting like bolding the letters, italics as well as underlining.Check Here

Code Colorer

If the person is using many code snippets within the post, then the code colorer will definitely come in hand.

  • It will also allow the person in adding the code snippets for posting as well as alike the comments.
  •  Customize the look for the snippets along with the CSS for making the stand outs.

Check Here

WP Super Edit

The WP Super Edit will add the functionality to the word press editor. One will also add the buttons in the toolbar, as well as can add the custom of Tiny MCE plug-in along with the arrangements with the drag-and-drop interface.Check Here


Freedom for speaking on the web is usually blocked by the technologies which sniff out the sensitive words.

  • If the person need to take the control for the freedom of the speaking then the censortive will help.
  • This is the anti-censorship plug-in which simply replace the words that are sensitive along with the graphic equivalent, which make the censorship robot invisible.

Check Here

Text control

Text control provides the person the total control that is related to the text which format on the blogs.  One will enable the individual options for every post as well as globally post comments. Whenever the person will install the plug-in, the default setting becomes remain intact.Check Here

WP Typography

The WP typography will easily port for any other content management system that is based on the PHP. The project of the PHP typography will assemble all the functionality of typography within the format that is an object oriented and ready for the use of word press independently. This will also help with the

  • Hyphenation
  • Replacement of the character
  • Styling as well as spacing
  • There is also support more than forty languages.

Check Here

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