Top 6 Beautiful Food Oriented WordPress Themes

In recent times, Food Blogging has become a favourite pastime for food bloggers, chefs, foodies, or a food lover. If you’re looking to start food blogging, here is a list of 6 best WordPress Food Blogging theme which can get you started in right direction. Most of these themes include food and recipe specific features which are an essential ingredient for a food websites success such as inbuilt ingredients for post templates, menu templates, customization option, plugin support, picture gallery, etc. These themes have been built on purpose to create a professional blog or a website with WordPress platform.

So scroll down to see the most popular food recipe sharing WordPress themes. Bon appétit!

1. Food Recipes


Food Recipes is one of the excellent WordPress themes for professional Chefs and Cooking Experts to share their recipes on the web. It is fully responsive and makes it easy for professionals to share their cooking knowledge. It is a niche-oriented theme and provides complete information and videos support to the users.
It ensures excellent support to its users as every single line of its code is written by hand. It is SEO friendly and has plenty of excellent features like it offers five slider variation on slider page, 25 famous Social Icons, Full Localisation Support, Email notification on each recipe submission., etc.

2. Food Hunt


FoodHunt is a modern design free WordPress theme. It is specifically crafted for the restaurant owners including cafes, bars owner. It is super flexible as it is fully compatible with RestaurantPress plugin. It is mobile friendly and automatically as offers an easy viewing on iPhones, iPads, and other small hand-held devices. It is packed with image slider to display your important content and supports 600 plus google fonts. It is WooCommerce compatible and offers incredible support to its users.

3. Capella


Capella is one of the popular WordPress themes for restaurants, bakery and other sorts of food related websites. Capella is developed by ThemeForest website at just $59 and accounts for more than 100,000 users. It is completely responsive and fetches great features with it.
Some of its features are smooth parallax scrolling effect with the use of CSS3 technology, 3 modern menu layouts, i.e., Menu classic, Menu simple and Menu card, reservation and contact form which helps to collect all the information of your customers. Users can even create and share events easily. Apart from this it is retina ready, socially integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

4. Hemlock


Hemlock offers a simple website template to give your Food website an urbane look. It is the best choice for restaurant businesses or food bloggers who want to share their recipes on the web.
It is highly responsive with a classic full-width blog layout and has full width featured slider. It is enriched with custom social widgets, Facebook Widget, About Me Widget. Apart from this it also offers an amazing option of Hiding/Show most elements.

5. Chow

Chow is again a stunning WordPress theme for food bloggers. It is developed by ThemeForest which defines it as genuinely culinary WordPress Theme. It is completely supported by Google Recipe View and comes bundled with a plethora of enticing features.
The theme well supports for Microformats and Google Recipe View and comes with a unique solution for managing Recipe data in WordPress.
It is well integrated with FoodiePress plugin and offers advanced search options. It has an advanced dashboard where the user can store their favourite recipes and submit it. The user can also add and edit each part of the recipe post with the advanced form.

There you have it! If you have any questions regarding the best food themes for recipes, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author Bio :
Sophia is a trained WordPress developer working with WordPrax Ltd.- A leading HTML to WordPress conversion services company. If you’re planning to convert HTML website to WordPress for a brilliant online presence, she can help you. Some stunning articles related to website markup conversions can be found under her name.

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