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Using Instagram to Optimize Your Business – Unfolding the Tricks – Part 1

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking communities presently available. Even non-photographers are finding some really cool images to post on this photography-based social media portal. Businesses and organizations are also getting benefited from this image-driven social networking platform. During the initial days, Instagram was thought of as a mere medium to showcase one’s photography skills and socialize via its community portal. But with the passing of days, its business aspect has appeared in a broader way. Open a business account with Instagram and you will experience how strongly it can contribute to your company’s SEO needs and requirements.


Here are some tricks to optimize your business’s performance using Instagram

Carry out keyword research using Hashtags

If you want to include more of those traditional SEO techniques onto this social media network, try using Hashtags. Instagram does have a search function. Include“#” in front of the keywords you type and search. You can add numerous amounts of hashtags at the end of your post. There is simply no restriction to it. Unlike keyword stuffing that may lead to negative repercussion, numerous hashtag inclusions at the end of a post are always accepted.

Hold Contests for Prizes

This is definitely a very common and old policy to engage potential customers. Conduct contest on Instagram and offer attractive prizes. It is the prize, which will make the difference and spread the news through social media. Henceforth, it is a great option to invest some money for the contests and prizing in Instagram. It will also ensure higher fan-following. In fact, a single giveaway can grab some thousands of additional followers. You must focus on the hashtags and images while creating the contest. Be choosy in your approach to ensure maximum engagement. In Instagram, everything revolves around the images. The best images always create maximum interest. Be creative and unique in the images you choose for the purpose. You can download the app from to keep following the status of your post.

Utilizing Instagram to promote your brand

Many businesses take Instagram as a social media platform to connect with audiences through relevant photos and attractive stories followed by paid advertising process. These are definitely true to the core, but there are more features available with Instagram that must be utilized. There are several features available with this social networking platform created exclusively for business clients. Some of the features include use of metrics to measure the performances of specific posts. There are also some exclusive datasets that include engagement and shares, insights, reach, impression and lots more, all to make your paid advertisements bring in positive outcomes.

Show support to good causes

People will always support organizations that act for the betterment of the society. There are several organizations that provide help to specific communities. The approach may be direct or in-direct, but the right motive to help and offer service to the society can prove to be beneficial for the branding and popularity of the company. With Instagram, the news can be spread through visual elements. Images can be the most powerful elements to make people aware about a company’s supportive acts. Through images of your company’s social services and support for the community posted on a frequent basis on Instagram, you can be rest assured of increasing the number of followers within the shortest span of time.

Instagram can be a powerful social media platform to spread brand awareness. Taking help of the social media platform is definitely a great and effective SEO tactics. With Instagram’s photo sharing wizard, recognition for a business can be achieved within minimal timespan.

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Evans walsh is a social activist and business woman. He was the founder of Open Marketing. He also worked with

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