Wix Offers Best Free Web Apps for Artists and Photographers

The famous online website builder Wix is known for providing the perfect platform for anyone that is looking to how to create a website for free. Regardless of what level you are at, Wix has the perfect option for you. You can choose from a variety of ready-made templates, and then further customize your site with the huge range of apps that are available from the Wix App Market. Additionally, there is even the Wix Automatic Design Intelligence for those who need a beautiful site in the click of a button. Wix ADI is the fastest and simplest way to create a site – perfect for people who are on the go!

Adding to its list of already extensive solutions Wix is now offering a couple of great apps for artists and photographers to showcase their work online. The two amazing web apps are called Wix Pro Gallery and Wix Art Store, and both of them are totally free!

The Wix Pro Gallery is the perfect tool for any photographer to easily and beautifully present their work online. Whereas the Wix Art Store will help any artist to easily market and sell their art to a huge audience of people! Let’s get started with looking at some of the features of the Wix Pro Gallery.

Wix Pro Gallery

There are millions of talented photographers who work hard to produce wonderful images. However, most of them do not have a good solid platform to showcase and sell their work in an online marketplace. They either have not enough resources to hire a professional to help them with their online presence, or don’t have the expertise to do it themselves. Now there is an easy solution to help photographers who have this problem and it’s the Wix Pro Gallery.

Wix Pro Gallery has been designed for talented photographers to provide them a feature-filled platform to showcase and sell their work online. Following are some of the features that’ll you’ll find in Wix Pro Gallery.
– Showcase your work online through a professional gallery absolutely free.
– Ability to add thousands of images and videos to feature on your gallery.
– Manage the quality of your photos to suit your requirements.
– You have control over the sharpness of your images so they look exactly how you want them.
– To protect your photos from copyright infringements, you can use the built-in image control feature.
– You can include photos auto-play videos and colorful text boxes to entice your visitors.
– Share your work on social media with great social sharing feature.
– All your photos are optimized for mobile devices.
– You can offer your visitors to download the photos and video you feature.
– There are 9 different layout options to choose from.
– Allow your visitors to appreciate your photos with heart button.

Wix Art Store

Artists and painters create wonderful creations from a single stroke of their brush and they mostly showcase in art exhibitions or art shows. But this gives only a limited audience to their work. In order to reach out to a wider audience, artists need a platform that will help them to manage and sell their work online. Luckily, the Wix Art store is the perfect solution for all artists!
The Wix Art Store can help artists who want to showcase, or sell their work online. Now, they can easily get in contact with their customer and then use the app to help them organize the payment and shipping of their artwork. Visitors can easily buy the digital images of the artist’s art work or get it printed on different merchandise like mugs, canvases, bags and a lot more.

Following are some of the most lucrative features of Wix Art Store.
– Free web app to feature your art work online.
– Though your art work is showcased in highest quality, yet you can manage the quality according to your requirements.
– Allow visitors to buy your work without a cut of commission.
– Protect the rights of your creations with built-in watermark feature.
– Ecommerce feature to manage your orders in a single place.
– Offer special print-on-demand facility on your store.
– Manage your own digital licenses
– Allow your visitors to explore your store and buy from it through mobile devices.
– Dozens of stunning layouts to select from.

In Conclusion
Each artist and photographer has its unique requirements with respect to showcasing his work to the world. And the best thing about Wix ProGallery and Wix Art Store is that they are highly customizable and provide state-of-the-art features.
The best part, is that you can get all the goodness of these web apps absolutely free. That means if you’re starting your photography or art work website on a budget, then these web apps can prove to be the best solutions.

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