Process Management Solution For a Business

In order to be successful, a company needs to be on the same page and everything needs to work together. Their business processes, which can range from sales, to marketing, to manufacturing, and a variety of other things, need to be executed properly to achieve success. One of the best ways to ensure your business process go off without a hitch is with process management.

Unfortunately, there can be a number challenges relating to business processes that you can experience. The can include duplicating work in certain processes that are already handled in another, bottlenecking and lack of visibility of the processes themselves.

Process management is an efficient and effective way to look at and manage/control the many processes within a business. The term also covers how we study the processes of our business and look to improve and change them over time. It is all about aligning your processes with the goals and visions of the company. Process management is very productive and can take companies to the next level.

In order to be successful with managing your processes, you need to make continuous changes and upgrades, as it is not a one-time task. However, with so many processes to manage within most companies, process management can be a daunting (but necessary) task. However, with technology innovating at a pace never seen before, technology has now made it possible to automate some of the process management with business process management software. This article will take a look at a few of the solutions and pieces of software available to you.


Kissflow is a piece of BPM (business process management) software that allows users to create, customize and design their very own business applications. It is a very simple and lean approach to BPM and in addition to the customization, it also comes with pre-installed apps that can help you with managing your processes. Of course, each app that you download or create will come with tasks, notifications, reports and have data capture capabilities.

It can automate your processes and track their performance, and is suitable for all businesses, no matter the industry or size. The software also can be accessed on your mobile device through apps, so it is great even when you are on the go.

AppOptics + CloudWatch | AppOptics
If you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) at your business, you should consider using AppOptics to keep track of and monitor your processes and metrics. AppOptics actually works together with the CloudWatch service from AWS to help you be able to understand and visualize the health of your AWS services in seconds.

Within a few minutes of connecting AppOptics and integrating it with your AWS CloudWatch, you will be able to see interactive, live and visually appealing dashboards for each of your services. Now it is easier than ever to manage and view your processes and metrics, all in one simple spot. AppOptics also comes with a no-risk, no credit card free trial that you can take advantage of, as well.


If you are midsize to large company and want a one-stop-shop BPM suite, this might be the solution for you. It allows users to test, manage and improve their processes and operations across the board. The software features comprehensive applications for marketing, sales and so much more, which can be used alone or as a bundle.

The software is also compatible with mobile devices and is hosted in the cloud. Despite how much this software is able to do for users in all areas of BPM, it is still quite user-friendly and doesn’t have a long learning curve. The platform aligns processes, data and the teams themselves so companies can adapt and change with the times, all while staying in tune with their customers.

Nintex is a world leader when it comes to workflow automation solutions, and is one you should definitely consider as your BPM solution. It can automate processes between different platforms and systems and can connect everyone involved. It simply makes it simple to automate all of the business processes that you need.

It is very streamlined and the design is attractive. Anyone can use it as it is very user friendly, and it helps everything work and move faster; from processes to employees.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you decide which process management solution that you should go with for your company.

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