10 Beautiful and High Quality Free HTML5 Templates


HTML5 has passed though many versions, now reaching to 5.0. HTML5 is now full equipped with many powerful features like inline semantic tags, API specs or offline storage etc. Many web designers have adopted it and many are in the process of learning. In short, HTML5 is making designer life so easy. HTML5 templates are easy to use and can be modified according to your requirement and give your website a professional look.
Here are some best HTML5 templates for you to free download:

1. One Page Portfolio Website

One page portfolio website


2. Darkness



3. The Art of Your Business

The Art of Your Business


4. CoffeeCols



5. One-Page Website Template

One-Page Website Template


6. Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters


7. Airlines Company

Airlines Company


8. Memoir



9. Real Estate Website

Real Estate Website


10. Communications Website Template

Communications Website Template


  • December 13, 2010
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