14 fantastic websites using video as background


Video is one of the most powerful and effective way to communicate your thoughts to others. It is used to deliver a direct and clear thoughts of the sender to the receiver. It is the most effective way to describe a product,service,brand,sites or any other things. Due to these reasons the use of videos in web designing has increased in the past few years. These days there exist many such websites which implement videos as their background to improve the overall design of the website.

Today I am Going to discuss about sites having video as their backgrounds. 14 such sites having great video backgrounds are :

1. Film House

Film House


2. Design Kitchen

Design Kitchen


3. The Wood

The wood


4. Part of the Weekend Never Dies

Part of the Weekend Never Dies


5. MyAmoy



6. Marketel



7. From Scratch Design Studio

From Scratch Design Studio


8. Lost in Val Sinestra

Lost in Val Sinestra


9. Wim Vanhenden

Wim Vanhenden


10. Uniqlock



11. LemonAid



12. Asylum626



13. Nike: M6

Nike M6


14. Less Rain

Less Rain


  • January 14, 2011
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