JQ Touch Just Not Another Developing Platform


What is JQ TOUCH?

JQ Touch is credibly designed platform for writing mobile applications especially for I Phone and I touch. Well it will fully support Android OS and other native Palm OS in near future to come. Well writing native applications is a great idea, but it is not a compulsion for all applications to be native. Writing web applications is another great idea as it has its own benefits like fast deployment without needing to wait for any kind of approval from Apple’s side. It allows easy application development with HTML, CSS and Java Script.
Well apple I Phone and I Touch allows you to view applications that are developed for Desktop environment, but using mobile applications have its own benefits. Mobile applications will load faster, will look better on the device and they can assess native features like hardware accelerated animation and local storage.

Architecture of JQ Touch:-

A JQ Touch application is made up of series of pages, here the pages are considered to be root elements in the body of application and each consists of an ID for navigations. Actually ID is name of page that is used to direct to other pages to show up its content. The root elements can be Div’s, they can be forums or any other HTML element. The ID’s derives the applications to other links that can show optional transformation to other pages you are facilitated with number of options like CSS for styling your pages. You can even use custom J Query to see how the application responds to other pages; it basically depends on you to see how you develop the application and how it responds.

From where you can get JQ Touch:-

Well JQ touch development kit can be downloaded form its official website. It’s recommended that you must sing up for I phone developer program it’s a free program and you don’t have to pay any thing for participating in it. Well singing up allows you to download X code which is desktop simulator for MAMP. You can work without it by using apple safari but the respond of apple safari is bit slow.

What you get with JQ Touch:-

under theme widgets you get Basic HTML that can be styled with CSS there are list menus that you can use the basic HTML structure control much to the applications.
You get JavaScript frame work you can use to add custom behavious
you also get some custom applications from official website.

What you can do with JQ touch:-

1. You can write custom applications.
2. You can write simple application and can also customize the behaviors of applications.
3. You can write Cashable applications that work very well for show connections.

Well JQ Touch provides you an upper hand by allowing you to right beautiful interfaces that quickly use local cashing, animation and device features so things will happen smoothly for you as a developer whether you are front end or back end developer its has ample of things for both.
From both users and developer point of view JQ touch is quite impressive in making things work.

  • March 14, 2011
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