How to stay cool and creative as a website designer?


Just take out the glamour and glitz from the career of a website designer for a moment. And what do you see? Only the pain, passion and a persistent pursuit to attain perfection in everyday work. As website design career is demanding and as it requires concentration, you need to find a way to keep you insulated in the midst of utter mayhem in the office. Finding peaceful atmosphere is something of a daydream so, you need to learn to how to cope with distractions at workplace if you are to shine as a web designer. Here we are going to share some cool tips you must try if you are to survive the onslaughts of distractions that will come think and fast as soon as you hit the workplace:

Block facebook and chat

Now do not take me wrong , I do not nourish any particular malevolence against facebook but I firmly believe that facebook is the main cause of workplace distraction. People have in fact grown a habit of login and checking the status updates of other people even when the project is going through a critical stage. To be really honest, I am still login in my facebook account and checking the updates of others. So, chatting and facebook are the two vices and you have to work hard really to snap your long relationship with them at least during working hours.

Be Firm

I know it is tough not to indulge in a friendly chit chat with your beautiful colleague but believe me this will cost you dearly at the end. You need to take a resolution that you will not waste your time anymore for this unless you do not mind staying at office till late night. You can take a different route and fix a certain time for say ten minutes for such important official activities like gossiping, boss bashing or chit-chat. Rest of time, you can use for doing some serious works like churning out a really impressive piece of web template.

Reward Yourself

The best way you can battle distractions at workplace is by rewarding yourself after completing a really tough project. Have a coffee break or just have a stroll around the park nearby and you will feel relived and satisfied. Moreover, you will have the peace of mind that you have completed project well ahead of time and therefore, you are not going to get crushed under the unbearable work pressure.

Try Some Music

This is my favorite one. You can easily keep distraction at bay by listening to some great music which may also act as a source of inspiration for you as well. Try to have a collection of music that you love the most and there you go. Great music will keep you inspired even in tough time.

Rediscover Your Passion for Work

I know how tough it is but you need to find a way to reignite your passion for work otherwise, you will not be able to cope with the distractions. You may or may not believe it but the best way to beat distraction at workplace is to find your passion for designing and if you manage to find it, you will have success by your side no matter what.

Go Invisible

How nice it would be if we can an invisibility clock like Harry Potter? Nice idea but I am not asking you to go on a quest for that invisibility clock. What I am asking is to stay invisible in chat and when you start feeling bored, you can go visible. This will surely help you keep yourself insulated from unwelcome distractions.

Distractions at workplace is unavoidable but with these tips, you can at least keep them at minimum.

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  • October 31, 2011
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