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Reliability and easy user-interface makes WordPress quite visible among other blogging sites. The aim of this platform is to provide you with the most reliable hosting plans, which can boost your blog within weeks. If you want to have extraordinary results, then jump on to the WordPress band wagon.

Choose an interesting title and topic

Selection of a suitable title and topic can make a vital difference. Conduct proper research and do it well before you probe into the field of blogging. If you want to have a successful blog, then you should make it a well-read blog post. It can be done easily if you pay attention on the title of your blog and the topics of your content. Choosing a blog topic is the most important factor to have a successful, well-read blog post that attracts comments and attention. Here, is how to choose a topic for your blog post:

You must treat the topic in a way that it should become something unique and can grab the attention. You know it better that a reader looks at the title, before he goes into the depth of the content. No matter how much creative and interesting your topic is, but if you didn’t select a suitable title, then you are on the mercy of a common reader.

If the title is interesting, it will create interest and the reader will read more and more, till he finishes the content. Keep in mind that readers are always interested in reading something new, but informative. So, provide them with what they are looking for. It’s quite unfortunate if you are using WordPress as a blogging tool, and you cannot attract readers.

Present your blog in a better way

Use free WordPress themes and make your blog more appealing than before. ‘SiteGuard’ will help you to make your blog extraordinary with existing themes and interesting features. Imagine if you are posting a lot of content on your blog, but the overall look of your blog is not attractive, then it’s quite obvious that users won’t pay serious attention to it. No matter how much informative it is, but if it has a boring theme, then it’s difficult to sustain it in the competitive world of blogs.

Login through e-mail

Your e-mail can become a gateway to your blog. You can easily login your WordPress blog as you login to your e-mail. All you need is to download a plugin (WP email login plug-in) for this special purpose. Now, feel free to get access to your blog via your e-mail. This is a quite simple way to enter your blog without following standard procedures.
This is a free for all plug-in and requires just an e-mail login, as you know e-mails are quite different from each other. So, it can protect you security with this simple method. Obviously, no one can remember your e-mail address and password until you tell him.

Add Facebook and twitter links

‘Follow me on Facebook or twitter’ can be an exciting feature on your blog. You can promote your blog with the power of social media networks. Through this way, you will improve the standard of your blog and make it more visible than the others. To integrate it with Facebook or twitter, you need a free plug-in.

Once you have been linked with some social media site, your blog will be acclaimed. So, why not do it now, and make it popular. Similarly, if your blog is about some goods or services and you are posting unique informative blog posts on it, then visitors will pay special attention and come to your blog for related information. Suppose, if your blog is related to household items, and you are providing exclusive information on home accessories, then visiting your blog will be the only option left to them.

Keep it simple and engaging

Keep in mind that if you start downloading a huge number of plug-ins, then it will create a big fuss for you and your blog. It’s recommended to keep the plug-ins in a certain number and only install that plug-ins, which are highly needed. 10-12 plug-in are not that bad, but if you are cluttering your site with a huge number of useless plug-ins, then your blog will become quite slow.

So, there is no need to take such a risk. For the sake of betterment, never try to commit such mistakes and follow the above said techniques and tips to make it worth-reading and presentable. Similarly, inactive tools and plug-ins should be removed as soon as possible. After all, they are meant to have nothing good to your WordPress blog, rather keeping it in a very slow pace.

Follow these dos and don’ts, your blog will become an exception and a real place where people can share their ideas and get some knowledge. Last, but not the least, let the readers comment on your blog to make it more successful. So, what’s your idea about establishing your own blog?


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  • November 26, 2011
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