How to work efficiently on your blog using wordpress tricks


You can improve the level of your blog, if you follow these useful tips and tricks to make your blog presentable and worthy enough of reading. More or less, these tips can help you make an outstanding WordPress blog:

Customizing the admin area is not difficult

Bloggers know it well that WordPress has become a most ideal publishing platform for them. No doubt, it’s quite different from the rest of the blogging sites in the world. At the same time, it can help you a lot with its exciting features. WordPress is not like any other pathetic blogging sites where options are limited and features are scanty. So, it’s better to have this outstanding option in your hand.

WordPress can offer you a lot of things along with its marvelous styles, which are exclusively available for bloggers like you. You can play well with its settings and can also customize the admin settings of your blog. WordPress keeps on updating, as now with it’s another exciting feature, ‘content management system,’ you can keep all the procedures intact. It’s impressive and works well. So, why not to give it a try?

WordPress is diversified with its interesting features for all purposes, whether you are working as a publisher or intend to do some stuff as a co-author or a consumer. It can facilitate you all with its futuristic looks and unique graphic interface. It can suit your needs if you want to handle multi posts while editing and exporting content on your blog.

Add JavaScript to your WordPress blog

It’s good to run JavaScript for many apps as it is a powerful app, which can help you run different apps smoothly. You can add JavaScript on your WordPress blog with great ease, if you know where you need to add. Mostly, it is used in the template files, but if you need to post JS into the post directly, then it is a bit different process. If you are not using PHP, then using JS is a good alternative.

Make it password protected

Make it secure while protecting it with some password. WordPress is a platform with all solutions for better blogging. Password protection is a solution to make your blogging experience out of this world.
Is it necessary to make it password protected? Yes, password protection provides you supreme control over your blog and keeps it safe and secure from all sorts of hazards. It will let you control the traffic, and only those can access your blog pages that are given the passwords. Hence, it will make you comfortable while controlling and maintaining your blog.

Bring content from other sites

You can bring content to your blog from other sites very easily. You can do this job with the help of ‘WordPress Web Scrapper.’ Keep in mind that if you know what is the meaning and purpose of ‘JQuery,’ then you can handle this task easily. WordPress WebScrapper ultimately grabs the parts of some website and after that it includes them in the posts of your blog. Don’t you think it’s exciting?

You need spam control

Spam should be controlled and in order to control this hazard. You can take some drastic steps by following these useful steps to keep your blog totally spam free:

So, if you think you need spam protection, then keep your blog updated and keep the same practice ongoing. Similarly, install the most recent version for better protection. Once you are done with upgrading your WordPress blog, then you can easily install ‘captcha plugin.’ It is a very useful tool and works efficiently against all types of spam.

This will definitely protect your blog against all spam and keep it in a better working condition. After you are done with installation process, it will provide you with all types of assistance related to public ‘API’ keys, which is quite an amazing feature.

If you want to make it more protected, you can install ‘Akismet.’ It is a powerful tool against spam and works as an iron curtain for such hazards. Besides, if you want to use it, then you have to register yourself at the WordPress official site. So, do it right now and grab this outstanding opportunity today!

Free theme from small business

If you are running a blog for your small business, then using ‘Swatch’ is not a bad idea. It is an interesting WordPress theme, which can be used for small business blogs. Like a business blog, you can also use it as a portfolio website, as there are no such restriction and terms.

For those who need a hand to capitalize their unique services, they can rely on this amazing theme. It’s simple and easy to use and can be settled according to your needs. It has an understandable admin panel, which gives you total control of your blog. So, what are you looking for?


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  • November 28, 2011
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