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In today’s globalized world, it is very hard to imagine our lives without Internet and tons of facilities provided by it. Today, majority of people across the world prefer to buy things online. For this, they need to pay online as well. With the introduction of Paypal, a new and safe method of transferring payments and money through Internet became available to people.

Paypal access is a great service that makes transferring money in more convenient way. One of the best things about this service is that, in order to use this service one does not need to register an account at other retail websites. Therefore, it reduces the number of steps required to make a purchase and thereby makes it less complicated. It also lowers the risk of security threats like credit card and other sensitive information getting stolen.

Another wonderful feature of Paypal Access is that it has everything that consumers and merchants need to create an account and make a transaction, everything right from shipping to payment details. Paypal Access aims to help retailers by simplifying log-in and account creation. It helps in increasing conversion and loyalty on merchant websites.

Paypal has implemented this service with Gigya and Janrain as its partners. What Gigya does is that it offers the Paypal Access API to as many as 500 enterprise clients through its social log in product. On the other hand, Janrain will integrate the Access in its user management platform. According to Gigya, one of the important factors that will play a crucial role in how users interact on the web outside of their core social networks. And this is exactly what Paypal Access does, that is, helps in bringing this vision to life. And when it comes to retailers, this service can play a major role in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Although many retailers use traditional user registration system, but it is only the matter of using Paypal access and implementing it in order to realize what great features it has to offer. Furthermore, Paypal Access does not provide retailers with complete control or access over the user accounts, but it certainly helps a lot in reducing the friction towards a purchase. However, the fact that Paypal has gained a steady popularity for being a prominent payment solution over the web signifies that more retailers are opting for this service.

With the Paypal Access prepaid MasterCard (that is like a debit card for your PayPal account) you can easily and quickly withdraw cash or purchase items, by simply using the money in your PayPal account. That makes it quite simple as it eliminates those bank transfers. It also lets you make instant Tap & Go™ payments with PayPass™.

Some of the Key benefits offered by PayPal Access are:

1. It lets you access your Paypal account directly

With PayPal, you do not require to transfer that money to a bank account while selling goods. This is because you can simply use your PayPal Access Card to spend or withdraw money directly from your PayPal account like it is done using a debit card.

2. It offers the worldwide MasterCard acceptance

You can also use your PayPal Access Card at any place where MasterCard is accepted. That is, you can use it in millions of locations around the world. With this card you can shop online or shop on the high street.

3. It provides an easy way of managing your account

Another great feature of this service is that your Online Card Account Manager lets you check all your card activity. It also allows you to see your card transactions in your PayPal account history. Therefore, you can now easily keep track of all your details in just one place.

4. It lets you make quick one touch payment with PayPass

With MasterCard PayPass™ feature you can easily make instant payments up to £15, without entering your PIN.
Hence, it would be far better to Pay Directly with Paypal using Paypal Access.


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