10 Effective Brainstorming Tips for Better Designs


When dealing with a certain problem with a particular subject, it can be done with either a team or just by yourself but still, there is a big possibility of asking somebody else’s ideas and thoughts because it will make better results if there are more than one person working for that certain problem. Also, there are situations that teamwork is needed such as when making software and designing clothes to come up with the best outcome and this can be called as brainstorming. On the other hand, there are also some situations where brainstorming can make things worse if it is not done and managed properly. Here are some ways to manage brainstorming for a better outcome.

1. Be always ready

Before doing anything such as brainstorming, you have to be always ready for it to start well because a good start will mostly result to a better end. Prior to brainstorming, you need to store the needed knowledge for that certain subject that you and your team will be talking about because everyone in the group should be prepared so that no one will be worthless thus, everybody should do their homework before meeting with the group for brainstorming.

2. Find a comfortable environment to think well

This is very important because the atmosphere of an environment will either help or just make things worse. It will be great to be able to work in a place wherein everyone will think clearly and creatively. Sometimes, it can helpful to change places for brainstorming for the mind to explore. Also, according to experts, green is a color that can help people to think better.

3. Organize a team with the right member

Before brainstorming, be careful of choosing the right members of the group because this greatly affects the output of brainstorming. Choosing the people with the right ideas will definitely contribute to their team. However, you shouldn’t just rely on inviting people that are close to you. You should also consider inviting an outsider or a person that you don’t know because they might even give more ideas that you may even not know yet.

4. Listen

Since it is a brainstorming team, you should always listen to what every person in the group can say and you should not only rely on your own ideas because each person in the group are important along with their ideas.

5. Know the goal of the team

Prior to starting the brainstorming, you should always make sure to know about the goal of your team. The goal itself should also be specific, measurable, attainable, Relevant and Time-bound for the brainstorming to be possibly successful. The goal should always make sense and realistic to make sure that it is not impossible to be accomplished.

6. Read and write everything

Always read and write everything that is being discussed in the brainstorming. This way, every person in the group will be able to put everything in their minds and the notes will also be useful for future use.

7. Free your mind

During the brainstorming, let your imagination free to be able to visualize more ideas. This will be very important to be more creative and explore different things that are inside every person’s mind.

8. Has a healthy break

Prior to starting the brainstorming, warm those minds up by starting some jokes or by starting a conversation that is not related to the subject in brainstorming. This way, each person will be relieved the pressure and lighten the environment for them to think more clearly. Take a break in the middle of the session to give each other some air to breathe.

9. Gather every idea, mix it up and choose the best

During brainstorming, gather every idea of everyone and the more there is the better. Also, every idea that has been gathered can also be mixed up to come up with a better idea. In doing this kind of technique, more ideas will come and the outcome will get better.

10. Limit your time in brainstorming

Before brainstorming, the team should also set a time limit to their session. This is also healthy to prevent the mind for overloading the whole day because the mind also needs to end thinking about a certain thing and if this isn’t followed, brainstorming will just turn into nothing.

Brainstorming is a way of exploring the minds for more ideas to be shared and it is a healthy way of sharing because it will definitely bring out some bright ideas. This can help to gather brilliant ideas and even stretch them out to become a better one thus, improving creativity skills. In conclusion, brainstorming is a fun and a healthy way of learning.


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  • April 27, 2012
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