Cloud 9: Doing Business on a Private Cloud


Technology changes as a moment’s notice. How a business adapts to the changes is the key to a successful business. Throughout the years, as technology evolved at a rapid pace, businesses saw written communication change to email, landlines to smartphones and off-site record storage turn to private cloud services.

With a world comprised of new cloud-based services introduced on a daily basis, a business must decide the right time to upgrade. Ultimately, a business must also decide whether or not cloud-based services are an ideal fit for the particular business model. If a business does not adapt to a cloud service, then the business is behind the curve from the start. Before updating to the cloud a business must consider the following:

Upgrading Cloud Services

Upgrading a business to cloud services is a simple task. Either the business can utilize commercial cloud services or buy a server for the business. The issue with personal cloud servers is a business will eventually pay for unutilized storage space, resulting in lost profitability. The smart, cost-efficient option is to choose a company that offers cloud hosting services.


When one talk about Business on a Private Cloud services, owners must think of the benefits, especially considering they outweigh the negatives. The right service includes on-demand self service that allows businesses access to the network without human interaction, access via various forms of media such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, measured service, resource pooling and rapid elasticity.

Looking at the trend in the business world and technology, additional benefits of cloud-based services include reduced layoffs after conversion to cloud services, multiple access points, increased savings for the business, improved financial performance, improved productivity and improved security.

Necessity for Business

Why are cloud-based services essential for business? Within an ever-evolving IT community, a business needs to remain relevant and ahead of the proverbial curve. A business has a greater opportunity to monitor the performance of the operating unit and make adjustments instantly. Making such quick decisions not only affects the business, but the clients serviced by the business.

This also allows business to make necessary adjustments during uncertain financial times. With cloud-based services, the need for additional staff is reduced at the same time an increased productivity level takes place.

Increasing Business

The goal of any business is increasing sales/profitability through customer engagement. The use of cloud-based services increases engagement when the business shows the value of the product toward the customer. The customer must enjoy the product and above all the customer must know that the product has support and the customer’s privacy is intact.

When a business embraces all of the facets of cloud-based services, the end result is realized, increased business opportunities and customer loyalty. The cloud is not going by the way of the dot com boom of the early 21st century. Either a business can embrace the current landscape of cloud-based services or be destined to fall by the wayside and eventually become irrelevant.

  • April 30, 2012
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