7 time saving apps that save you money too


Time and money. Seems like when it all boils down that’s pretty much what’s left, so if you can find an app or a website that saves you both you’re golden. The collection of apps featured today should do both, which is why I put them all together here. They won’t waste your time like a lot of silly apps out today and they ought to save you some of your hard-earned cash. Click on a few and see if you agree with me.

1. 5 Minutes – For the creative pro who doesn’t have time to waste

Creating websites or put together an online presence is all good and well if you’re a trained web professional, but if you’re a creative type you probably just want to get things done as easily as possible without wasting learning how to do it. 5 Minutes is the site for you because they can do all the web stuff you can’t and let you concentrate on creating, plus they do it super-fast. Online or off they have the answers to your digital questions.
Best Feature – As the name suggests they let you set up your online presence quickly.


2. Free Agent – Save time on your business tax paperwork

Whether you have an online business or sell in the ‘real’ world you know that the bills and paperwork can be a maddening time waster. Free Agent can whittle that wasted time down by keeping track of your important numbers like billable hours and expenses plus a whole lot more. It puts all that info into an easily digestible format too, with everything at your fingertips.
Best Feature – ‘Bank level’ security and free support for people who sign up for the app.


3. Mighty Deals – Website building tools for the pro that has no time to waste.

Talk about wasting time, ‘deal’ sites that sell crap are some of the worst. Mighty Deals won’t waste your valuable time because they have deals on web tools that are actually usable, including website building packages, vector graphics and the like. They save you money too because they sell their tools for great prices. Check them daily as their deals change often.
Best Feature – The ‘deal of the day’ highlights 1 awesome deal every day.


4. MyFav.es – Easily make your favorite website your homepage.

This one won’t be winning any Nobel prizes but it’s fun and quick. With myFav.es you can quickly set your favorite webpage as your homepage so that when you enter the net your fave page is always the first you see. Sweet.
Best Feature – Extremely easy to use.


5. FriendBinder – Keeping your online social life organized.

Let’s face it, if you’re like most people who make a living online you have a LOT of contacts all over the place on different sites. FriendBinder can help you keep track of all those people, allowing you to update them all, keep track of their updates and get an idea of what’s going on in your online life at a quick glance. Me, I tend to be more of a real world friend type of guy but for those that have a busy online social life this is a great app.
Best Feature – Update all your contacts over multiple sites all at once.


6. Cyfe – The business dashboard for the web pro with multiple online businesses.

When you’re keeping track of multiple websites you willhave data scattered all over the web in place like Google Analytics, AdSense, FaceBook, Twitter and the rest. Cyfe will put all of that data together for you on a dashboard that you can customize with your own widgets. Now you’ll see everything you need to know quickly and easily without having to jump to multiple websites all day long.
Best Feature – Pull data from any database on any website and put it together any way you like.


7. Textexpander – Customized abbreviations for the hard core content writer.

This one is a real time saver, especially if you tend to use the same words and sayings a lot. Textexpander gives you a tool to make your own abbreviated keystroke codes. Instead of saying, for example, what you see is what you get, you can just type wsgt and the abbreviation code you made will write the whole phrase out for you. Sweet. This is one of my faves and is a big time saver.
Best Feature – Use it for words, entire phrasesor pretty much anything you like.


  • July 9, 2012
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