5 of the Best WordPress Pinterest Themes

These are five significant WordPress Pinterest themes, which helps you in building a site that is perfectly looking.

Pinterest – An Overview

Pinterest happens to be an ultimate social network in the recent days, with which millions of users are sharing out their photos and videos in an amazing way, which is defined by Pinterest as ‘pinning’. Yup, Pinterest uses the world ‘pin’ for each action done on it, likely to ‘tweet’ on twitter and ‘share’ on Facebook. Individuals can pin their photos and images over to their Pinterest board, which is them automatically shared with other Pinterest users. Photos which you are pinning from some other web source will have a back link to that site. In addition to pinning up photos, it also enfolds features like following, leaving comments on photos, liking and much more.

Each photo which you pin on your site can be added with descriptions and titles. Another best thing with Pinterest is ‘repinning’, where the photos you are pinning on your board will be re-pinned by your friends to their circle. Pinterest is SEO friendly and hence any eCommerce business can make use of Pinterest to enhance its business. This would let Google and other search engines to follow your links. Also, ensure that the pin boards you create is targeted over the interest of your audience.

So, you may be wondering why I am talking about the very features of Pinterest, while the topic is some thing else. Well, I just wanted to show you off the importance of Pinterest in today’s world and how would it be emerging the future days. Now, coming to WordPress! Everyone knows what it is and how it is turning up the blogging world. With WordPress used by millions of bloggers worldwide, several developers are building up themes and extension for the same in order to convince the users in many ways. One category of WordPress themes which is greatly popular in the recent days are the ones that come with a Pinterest like layout.

There are a number of Pinterest themes available online. Listed below are the best picked ones, which helps in building you an amazing WordPress site.

Apptha’s Pinterest Theme

Apptha’s WordPress Pinterest theme is offered at $59. It comes in a Pinterest design layout with a table-less design and stands for its versatile design. The theme is compatible with almost all web browsers like Firefox, chrome, safari, opera, IE7 and IE8. It supports all screen sizes and lets you upload images and logos easily.


Autofocus is a Pinterest WordPress theme that is offered at $25. It comes with an ultimate custom admin style that supports front image crop editing. It has an option for Dynamic Flickr Integration, which allows you to transfer images directly from your Flickr account. PinPress supports WordPress 3.0 and is designed on a 800 pixel, 8 column grid quality.


Developed by the Dessign team, Graphic is a free WordPress Pinterest theme that is compatible with WordPress 3.1. Photographers, illustrators and graphic designers are the major users of Graphic. Graphic is SEO friendly and is compatible with Safari, Firefox, IE7 and IE8 browsers.

Daily Notes

Daily Notes is a WordPress Pinterest theme offered at $39. The theme includes a complete package of 84 themes. Daily bloggers, who wish to share their day-to-day life with their friends will wish to have this theme on their sites. This multimedia integrated theme comes in multiple colors. It is compatible with almost all browsers.


Pinpress is a WordPress Pinterest theme offered at $69. Photographers, travelers, personal bloggers, and designers will be very much fond of Pinpress, as it is perfect for displaying visual arts. It comes in a multi-column layout with a beautiful responsive design. Pinpress is easy to customize and SEO optimized.

Hope you like these Pinterest themes. There are many wordpress Pinterest themes available on web but these Pinterest themes are out of the box and you should try atleast one.


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