How to Develop Web app within Minimum Cost


There is nothing easier in this day and age than to establish your own virtual footprint on the World Wide Web. And because of how important quality content has become, with sites like WordPress, Blogger and Ezine fighting each other to get premium writers it can actually be very easy to leave your mark without paying any money. However, owning your own website has always had its advantages and it is actually worth the financial effort to own your own .com domain because it makes it a lot easier for people to find you and to remember your site once they have found the first interesting article that you have written. After all, think about it, what would be easier to remember, or To Develop Web app within minimum cost is both challenging as well interesting. Here we will discuss the things how one can achieve this.

Still, for those of you who just want to have it all for free than all you need to do is to visit WordPress or Blogger, register with your email and chose the name of your first blog and you are ready to go. The advantage here is that you will end up with a platform that you can customize endlessly. You can choose from millions of themes, you can add all types of features and you can choose whether everyone will be able to find your blog or just those very few friends that you want to. Alternatively you can create an account on Enzine and they will help you get more easily recognized in your field than any other site. They specialize in publishing articles on given themes from the perfect bedding for a 3 year old boy to how to solve your taxes and they award prizes and batches that tell other people how important your opinion is and that you are a specialist in a given area. The advantage here is that there is a ready made community that is already waiting for your input.

And then again, if you are willing to part with a little bit of money than you can buy a domain name for as little as $10 from NameCheap and set yourself up with a hosting plan from HostGator; they can get you set up with a webhosting plan for as little as $4 per month. These are the only two investments that are really necessary for any web developer to Develop Web app. From this point on all you need to do is to create new content for your site and to get other famous sites in your niche to link back to you. And most of them will be willing to do that for as little as a comment that you would post on their pages. However the bigger sites will require that you write original articles for them in exchange for links back to your own site, but they are certainly worth the effort because, that way, you are not only receiving a good link that will help you rank in Google better, you are also getting direct exposure to other people interested in your particular niche. So, as long as you are willing to put in the ground work you can have your own site for less than $5 per month.


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  • October 29, 2012
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