HTML5 Chat Widgets are Bloggers New Best Friend


Bloggers often do blog because of various reasons. Some find writing as their passion and do it to express their beliefs and insights about anything while others do it as a means to earn money while some do it for both reasons. Whichever way you want it, most bloggers want more people to view their sites and read their works. Most online businesses take advantage of blogs as a link to their main website and thus need more traffic, or more viewers that can be potential customers. With the development of HTML5 chat widgets, bloggers have an additional attraction to their site.

HTML5 chat widgets are simply an embedded chat widget on a webpage. It may allow interaction by website, game or app owners. It is very helpful in improving visitor’s engagement in any site. Most Internet users love to chat to interact with one another, exchange insights and ask questions real time. It is important in getting more traffic to a website or app since users can anticipate an additional feature. An example of an HTML5 chat widget is RumbleTalk.

HTML5 chat widget can allow users to customize their chat box using the available themes and design, a very attractive feature to website owners who long for individuality and personalization. By being able to customize the chat box, bloggers are free to input their own personal style and character. You can also use your chat widget to chat using your desktop, smartphone and tablet. For instance, if you have a blog site, you can invite some of your friends or readers to chat with you even if they using a mobile phone. You can also use videos, photos and emotions to liven up the conversation.

You can also save chat history through the HTML5 chat widget. You can use it to increase traffic to your site. HTML5 chat widgets help your viewers to interact easily with one another using any device, unlike other existing chat widgets that offer limited features. In this fast paced world where everyone longs for ways to be connected with one another, an app such as this would be very helpful. It certainly has a lot of potential in terms of increasing a website’s SEO.

Bloggers usually want more people to view their blogs and attract advertisers in the process. If they could embed a flexible chat widget, then it would be a lot better for them. Readers can interact with one another using the chat widget and they can discuss the issue being talked about in your post. You can also inspire them to discuss a certain topic by opening a new discussion. On their part, they can find chat widget useful if they want to know about something or needs an answer to their question because they can be answered in real time, or talk about an existing issue right there and then. Having a chat widget also encourages loyalty among your readers because they will feel that you have a personal interaction with them.


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