New Trend in Web Design: Parallax Scrolling and Its Usage


In the recent times, there’s a new web design trend becoming more and more prevalent and that is none other than parallax scrolling. Stop wondering and let’s start exploring this magnificent trend in web design.

What do you mean by Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is indeed a special technique that creates illusion of depth, quite similar to 2D video game, by moving foreground images faster than background images. This technique offers an innovative way to scroll through your websites. Parallax scrolling came about through the multiplane camera technique which was widely used in gaming industry more than 10 to 15 years ago and it is an inevitable breakthrough in the world of web designing today.

Usage of Parallax Scrolling:

Visually Appealing: The use of parallax scrolling effect in your websites create an alluring three dimensional depth illusion to your web design and makes your website look awesome and visually appealing. Its unique design choice sets your website apart from your competitors and gives you an air of professionalism and effort. In short, parallax scrolling injects a bit of personality to your site and offers something intriguing to interact with.

Visitor’s Engagement: The unusual look of parallax scrolling effect captivates your visitors and makes them to spend more time on your site, scrolling up and down to their heart’s content. By doing so, they play an active role in interacting with your website. You can engage your visitors in several ways, either you can surprise them or communicate with them in a creative manner.

Showcase Your Product: The most practical advantage of using parallax scrolling is to showcase your products or services in a much better way. This innovative effect allows you to let your visitors interact with your site and to explore your products or services by taking initiative on their own. Parallax scrolling enables your visitors to experience your product in a totally different environment, a 3D representation controlled by their own scrolling behavior. It takes your visitors on a tour about your product and creates a sphere around your company and products.

Tells A Story: It is parallax scrolling that offers you an ideal setting to tell your story in a more engaging and interactive way. As your visitors scroll through your website, different layers respond differently to the scrolling behavior of your visitors thereby creating a sense of depth and paves way for multiple story lines.

Action Trigger: Parallax scrolling is a fantastic way to trigger your visitors to enter your site. It motivates and makes people willing, even more eager to visit your site and listen to your story. You can even use this web design effect to guide your visitors towards your call to action. Also, you can guide your visitor’s line of sight otherwise unobtrusive yet important content.

Thus you can achieve many challenging things in web design using parallax scrolling. So are you now ready to dive into parallax scrolling? No worries. There are plenty of resources available on the Internet to help you with it. Make use of them and come out with flying colors!


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  • January 2, 2013
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