Latest Joomla Components and Its Features to go through


Joomla component is a core element of Joomla. Joomla is loaded with core components like Banners, Contacts, News Feeds, etc. Thus, the components are displayed in websites that are built on Joomla platform. Joomla Community members develop the third Party Joomla Components. Joomla comes with a number of core components like contact forms, content management system, and web links. In simple words we say that the components are the kind of Joomla extensions. Mostly we divide the components into two main parts: an administrator part and a site part. Let’s see a brief description about these parts.

Administrator Part: It acts as an interface to manage and configure different aspects of the components.
Site Part: During normal site operation, we use a part to render pages which I call site part.

Here I’m discussing about a few Joomla components and its interesting features. I think you would be benefited by reading this article.

Mighty Commerce

Mighty Commerce is a Joomla CMS component mainly designed for e-commerce. By using this component you can easily sell your goods, codes, and vouchers etc. by yourself. If you find a solution for an e-commerce idea, then Mighty Commerce is the best of all! Here, you can allow the third party vendors to sell your goods and so on.

Here I have mentioned few salient features of Mighty Commerce
You can have full analytics of all important values within the website.
You will get commissions from the vendors.
Flexible configuration.


Mighty Touch

Mighty Touch is simply called as Social Networking Component.By using this Joomla component we can build social networking and community sites. Mighty touch is comparably cheaper when compared to Joomsocial, which is used as social networking component and Mighty Touch offers fewer features. With the help of Mighty Touch we can build websites like Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Friend buddy support – Can add or remove anyone in your friends list.
Users can create private profile.


Mighty Resources

This joomla component allows you to create “n” number of sections with unlimited and multileveled categories in it. We can create different set of directories in different types of fields.This is also called as an CCK(Content Construction Kit). By using this we can create custom article types. Custom types allows you to create manythings like Portfolio, Joomla video gallery, Blogs, Ads, etc.

We can create personal home page for every section.
Create own templates easily.


Mighty Registration

If you are a website owner and your website is based on registered users then this Joomla component will help you in your business. Do you care about the user’s opinion and loyalty and do you want to know more about them? Then my best option for you is Mighty Registration. Using this you can collect all details from them.

User can delete their profiles from the website.
Export analysis report data to Microsoft Excel in an easy way.


Mighty File Manager

Mighty File Manager allows you to create files more quickly in an easier way for front end use. With respect the name, we understand that it helps you to manage the files and folder effectively. Apart from that it also allows the files to be published on your site and it can be accessible with whoever you wish.

Can create files and directories.
Edit text files.
Can easily create picture gallery, download folders, etc.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this article!

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  • January 20, 2013
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