10 Convincing Magento Extensions for Making Your Business Better


If you are planning to implement an ecommerce website with basic requirements like shopping cart, effective catalog management, and formidable admin features, then go for Magento. It is an open source platform with plenty of features like robustness, capable of scaling, and user-friendly characteristics. Magento is constantly growing and it is a safe and secure platform to work with. Magento extensions

If ecommerce is your choice then Magento best fits your purpose than other platforms. Well, on deciding to have a go with Magento, it is significant to learn a few details about its extensions and how to utilize them efficiently.

In this article, I have listed a set of enterprising Magento extensions which when integrated in your website would propel its performance by a huge margin. Here goes the list of premium quality extensions for Magento.

Blog Extension

As engaging your customers with your business website becomes more significant, communicating with your regular customers and visitors is the way to go. Blog extension is the excellent way to establish a bi-way rapport with your customers and to notify them with the latest updates, products, promotions, etc. Simple yet effective plugin for improving business needs. Find more information about this plugin from the site.

Bestsellers Module

If you want to display the best selling products of your business effectively in front of the visitors, the best way to achieve this is by installing the Bestsellers Module plugin. Just add the “bestsellers/list” to the home page to get started. It is absolutely free of cost as well. More details about this module and its benefits are provided at the site

Magento Theme Absolute Theme

It is an interesting plugin with 100% open source and easy-to-use features. Additional features like product preview module, featured product slider, effective color changes, easy upgradable features and customization have made this plugin a success in the marketplace. New and fresh details about this plugin is available at the site

Easy Ajax Cart

Adding, editing, removing and updating product details on the cart become absolutely easy with the installation of this powerful plugin. Since it is Ajax powered, it takes less time to reload whenever changes are made. Best plugin to have for your website in order to engage your customers to your shopping cart. Learn more features about this interesting module from the site

Customer Follow-up

All kinds of businesses need to follow up the customers to keep them engaged with their websites. Customer Follow-up is a simple but effective plugin capable of sending auto-response mails to the customers whenever they abandon the shopping cart. Build rapport with your customers effectively using this plugin to take your business forward. Click the link below to learn new features about this plugin.

Seamless Delete Order

If you are working on a test version and plan to delete the sample orders when it comes to real shopping cart, you mayn’t perform it without the help of the Seamless Delete Order plugin. Avoid mixing of the real orders with sample orders created during testing with the assistance of this module. More details about this profitable module is available at the site

Customers Who Purchased

Another impressive plugin for promoting your business by leaps and bounds! Customers Who Purchased plugin displays a list of product that are viewed and commonly purchased by most users. This is an excellent plugin to go for as most users have the habit of purchasing a popular product already purchased by many. More details about this interesting module and its benefits are available at the site

Magento Facebook App

Integrate your shopping cart with Facebook account and increase the sales of your business by a great extent using the Magento Facebook App. This plugin permits the customers to shop directly from Facebook account as it enables you set up a store with the array of products on the Facebook page. Click the link below to learn more details about this potential plugin.

Social Login

Allow your visitors to login via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook rather than creating an account on your site. Best way to pull in more customers and to improve traffic to your website enormously. Social Login is the best plugin to take your business to a new level. Learn more details about this product from the website

Google Maps Store Locator

Highly useful and widely preferred plugin to assist your visitors with locating different kinds of stores, products, dealers, etc. incredibly. With worldwide support and flexible geo location features, this is one of the best plugins widely preferred by most ecommerce businesses. A few more details and advantages of using this plugin are provided in the site

I hope this article offered you with some of the best Magento plugins for uplifting your ecommerce business to a great extent. Find the best plugin for your ecommerce store to promote your products and to increase your sales.

Author Bio:
This article is written by Krish Kash, and he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in facebook Shopping Apps and mobile app development.

  • February 10, 2013
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