30 Needed and Effective SEO Tips for New Bloggers


The Google Panda Update has come almost Two Years ago from now and the update majorly focused on having “Thin Content”. The Panda Update is a Content Filter wherein Google will run this Update Content Filter for cleaning and clearing out the bunch of thin content that is aimed at only driving traffic to the Websites from the High Quality Unique Content on the Website. The Google Panda Update will have an effect on your Website in 2 different ways. SEO Tips

The first one is that if your Website has Spun, Scraped pr Purchased Content from other places on the World Wide Web then the giant Search Engine will reduce the Search Ranking and Authority of those WebPages on your Website which will have direct impact on the overall domain health of your blog. This is one kind of direct action that can be taken against your website. The next way in which the Panda Update can have an indirect effect on your Website is if you are getting backlinks from another content websites which are losing authority of their WebPages or WebPages which are linking to the website that are being removed by the Search Engine Results Page. This is going to impact your website in an indirect way because when you lose Backlinks you are likely to lose the Page Ranking of your Website depending on the loss of backlinks

With Google known for making continuous updates we are all aware of the effects of Google Panda updates from 2011 to 2013 as mentioned here  . It is great to see that Google has finally found the final version of Panda that is Panda 25 after making nearly updates to Panda for twenty four times since its innovation in February 2011. However this is the end to the Panda Update because Google has now blended this into its Search Algorithms which will make regular updated which are approximated to nearly more than 500 times in a year. The head of the Google’s Web Spam Search has declared that this Update 25 is going to be the last and final manual update to the algorithms and now on this is going to be integrated with the daily search algorithms of Google.

The advent of Google Panda has almost changed the SEO Industry and here are few simple and ever demanding SEO tips and tactics which are beneficial for all the bloggers:

Use of Similar Match Anchor Text Links

Google wants that the visitors get access to the content easily which they are searching for instead of having to go with the same thing again thus the latest Panda Update requires you not to have similar match anchor text links in your content.

Effective Use of Google Webmaster Tools

The titles of the articles and as well as the Meta Tags should be in accordance with the Web Page and the Content. These need to be short and simple keeping in mind the visitor’s point of few. The content should clearly convey the idea of the Website and the data should explain everything about the website. In order to achieve best in class SEO results you should make use of the Google Webmaster tools in an effective manner.

Avoid Usage of Same Keyword  with Different Spellings

With the latest Google Panda update it is now inappropriate to make use of different spelling for the same keyword phrases and can actually be dangerous and considered to be as Spam by the search engine. So it is very much important that you stop using inappropriate keywords.

Avoid Usage of Disproportionate Ratio of Advertisements

You should avoid using disproportionate ratio of Ads and use of top Social Networking Websites. Make use of relevant videos related to your website so that you can acquire better page rankings but ensure you do not overload the web page with these videos.

Embed Relevant Videos with Relevant Content

The Latest Search Algorithms of Google are now used for assessing the number of visitors that you get on your blog and as well for how long they stay on your Website and as well it keeps a track of the number of returning customers which is an indication of how good the experience of the visitors was on your website so if you want to keep your visitors engaged and ensure that they keep visiting your website longer then apart from having relevant content  you should as well embed relevant videos.

Add the Google Authorship Markup to Links

If you want to gain high prominence in Google’s Eyes in that case you should give your Videos, Posts , Blogs additional Creditability by adding the Google Authorship Markup to one of the links.

Choosing the Accurate Percentage of Various Backlinks

Since Panda is the way in which the Google’s Algorithm will parse the Backlinks it is very much important to have knowledge on what kind of Backlinks you should have on your website and the content online. The links have been categorized into 3 different types namely Brand, Target, Generic. Brand Links are the links which will include your Product or Company URL. Target Links are the links which will target your Keywords and the Generic Links are just random links which have nothing to do with either of the two. As per the standard consortium SEO’s the distribution of the links should be as mentioned below on your blog :

a)         You should have 40% of generic links.

b)         You should have 40% of brand links.

c)         The rest 20% should be target links.

Register Domain with a Reputed Web Hosting Company

If you want to take utmost advantage of all the important blogging features in that case you should register your domain name with an established and dependable Web Hosting Company so that you can advertise yourself easily and create a brand name.

Extensive Keyword Research and Analysis –A Must

You need to find out the most important and related terms to your topic or the blog theme by doing a great level of Keyword Research and Analysis. As it is a known fact that Content is the Champion of all the blogs you should have well written, good and unique content on your blog that mainly focuses on the keyword phrases and especially the Primary Keyword.

Use of the Right Set of Paid and Free Keyword Tools

You should find fresh, novel and trend related words for your blog if you want to enhance your online presence and this can be achieved with the help of Free or Paid Keyword Tools.

Creation of Video Site Map

You can get inspiration from the top ranked video sharing website i.e. YouTube which has loads of latest, most discussed and popular videos. Despite the fact that you might not find loads of videos relevant to your theme it is very much likely that there will be a few videos related to your theme which can get you inspiration for the next topics. In order to make sure that the Videos are easily found by the Web Crawlers, create a Video site map and provide a listing to it in your Google Webmaster Central Account.

Use of Meme Tracker

You can make use of the Meme Tracker. Wondering What Meme Tracker is ?Memes are nothing but Catch Phrases, Videos, Pictures or other related stuff that is voted for from one Web User to another. This will help you in finding out what is the web stuff related to your theme is stirring the latest buzz with the help of various tools which help in reading monitor responses.

Use of Relevant Keywords for Backlinks

If you consider that Content is the Champion then links are considered to be as the Masters of the Champions so you should build a quality network by using appropriate Keyword phrase for your Backlinks. You need to keep in mind that if you do not find any good solid reason for the website to link with yours then you would definitely not want that link.

Don’t Just Get Carried Away by PR of the Website

You should not be carried away by the Page Rank of the Website because PR is just an Itsy Bitsy part of any search algorithm; however, the fact is that a Website with a lower PR can usually stand out of a website with higher PR.

Focus on Social Marketing

You should acquire ideas from various Social Networking Websites by checking out various bookmarkers such as Stumble Upon, Yelp, Facebook, Google Plus,  Del.icio.us, Digg, Twitter and lots more. Social Marketing is a part of Search Engine Optimization thus the more understanding you have about these Social Networking Sites the better you will be able to compete in the field of search.

Analyze Your Competitors Blog

You should do an analysis of your competitor’s blog within your niche and find out the blog that gets maximum number of readers and has created an extensive online presence. Having done this try to find out why most of the readers prefer to link with that blog and discuss about it so that you can employ similar tactics.

Keep your Website Updated with Content that is Trending Online

You should come up with fresh ideas for the posts on your blog and make sure that you write buzz worthy and interesting posts about the topics that are trending online on your blog theme. Fresh Content is likely to add great relativity to your website in the eyes of the giant Search Engines. So as to improve your page ranking you should add useful and new content to your blog on a regular basis.

Ensure to Have Eye-Catching  & Attention Grabbing Headlines

You should simply not set back by writing appealing content but ensure that all your posts have Attention Grabbing and Eye-Catching Headlines so that you can provide an amazing start to your posts. Having Emotionally Captivating, Descriptive and Eye-Catching headlines for your titles can assure that more and more number of people will choose your website when they observe it on the Search Engine Results Page.

Having Keyword Targeted and Unique Title Tag

The Title Tag on each of your Web Page should be unique and Keyword Targeted. As well if you feel that there is a need for having your company name then put it at the end because if you are a prominent brand household name then your business is likely to get few searches.

Use of Image Maps and Image Links

You should make use of JavaScript Drop down Menus, Image Links, and Image Maps and ensure that you put links to the text so that the Spiders can follow.

Emphasize on  Most Read Articles on your Blog

You can emphasize and show up the most read articles on your homepage so that novel visitors to your blog will be directed directly to the top notch content on your blog devoid of having to click on different links. As this will enable the visitors to get an idea on the topic of your blog and the initial points of reference devoid of having to repeat the topic ideas.

Create Links with Keyword Phrases

When you create links to your website or links within your website make sure that you create them with the Keyword Phrase rather than just having a simple link with the  “Click Here “ text. For Instance if your target is  “Restaurants in Houston “ then link to “Restaurants Houston” Keyword rather than just linking it to “CLICK HERE”.

Categorize your Posts

You should create categories for the posts on your blog because doing so will ensure that the web pages in each category are ranked on the Search Engine Results Page for their tags or Keywords. Thus you should stay away from making use of similar category titles as that of the page tags to avoid overlapping.

Link your New Posts with Succeeding and Relevant Posts

If you want the giant Search Engines to crawl your website regularly so that they can Index Relevant Content then you should make it a point to link to the succeeding, previous and relevant posts so that it can help the visitors to your blog connect easily with related topics.

Focus on Search Phrases and not on Single Keywords

Your main focus and emphasis should be on the Search Phrases and not just the single Keywords. You should put the location in your text so that you can easily be found in local searches. For Instance give the Keyword as Our Furniture Store Houston rather than “Our Store “.

Post the Page Title First

Most of the Content Management Systems (CMS) list out the Website names before the Post Names so if you want your posts to be ranked individually in that case you should post the page title first.

Use Relevant Web Analytic Tools

Make use of the Web Analytics tools so that you can know the readers who are linking to your website , Search the Terms Used for finding your Blog and the Posts with maximum number of links so that you can guarantee the creation of link worthy topics for your target audience and come up with novel topics which will help your blog rank well in Search Engine Results Page.

Use Absolute Links

You need to make use of Absolute Links as this will not only make your On-Site Link Navigation less prone to problems but if anybody grates or scratches your content you will be able to get Back link Juice out of it.

Verify the Cache Date Before Exchanging Links

When you plan to purchase or exchange any new link you should verify the Cache Date of the Web Page where the actual link will be located in Google. You should search for the “Cache:URL “ where you can replace the  “URL” for the actual web page. If the web page is not there or the Cache Date of the Web Page is a month old then the web page in not worthy. Thus the newer the Catch Date the more worthy it is for your blog.

Add Viral Ingredients

You should add viral ingredients to your blog or website such as Sharing Functions, Visitor Comments, Ratings and Reviews and broadening your range of services by including Podcasts, News, Social Content and lots more other stuff.

The effect of Panda 25 update is milder devoid of any severe noticeable effects not like the other versions. To be precise you will not observe any considerable changes in the position of the top ten web links on different Search Engine Results Page for the same search query. In case if you are facing issues with duplicate content then it is very much likely that the organic traffic and rankings will drop considerably to a great with time.

For people whose Websites are already by now effected by the Google Panda updates there is a Good News for them because they need not wait for any further Panda Updates to roll over on a monthly basis and everyday will be regarded as a Panda Day for them and such website owners should immediately fix their duplicate content issues to get away with Panda within few weeks. However Crappers who are not yet trapped not the cage of Panda they are likely to die on a daily basis as their blogs and websites will be hit by Google Panda increasingly on day to day basis and till the time the fill fledged affects result in severe drop in the organic traffic and rankings of their website.

As per SEO geeky chatters Google will now stop rolling out further Panda Iterations and Panda 25 is the update manually. There are not going to be any further monthly intervals and the Thin Content Fighting Algorithm will work on day to day basis so you can follow the above mentioned SEO tips to fight with low quality Web Content.

  • April 2, 2013
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